Horrible Bosses…It’s Time to Play Nice.


Ever been stuck in a job that was killing you? Working for some schmuck who thinks he owns your ass by putting dimes in your piggybank. Sometimes it seems like there is no escaping the  workplace tyranny.

Enter the world of the three stooges in this summers darkly impressive comedy. Horrible Bosses is a hilarious mix of character comedy and impossibly awkward situations. The recipe for “funny” has never been so bitter sweet.

Take three naive middle class white guys and give them the worst bosses you could ever imagine. From the sadistically capricious Kevin Spacey who constantly dangles the carrot of promotion over his middle manager (Jason Bateman); to the potty mouthed, sex crazed dentist (Jennifer Aniston) who wants to pull more than teeth on her nervous young assistant (Charlie Day); and then the outrageously funny Colin Farrell, whose character lives and drive in the fast lane of life, caring little for the miscreants that have faithfully worked in his father’s business. It is clear from the outset… these bosses are horrible. Something must be done. All three must die!

The decision is made when Nick (Jason Bateman), Dale (Charlie Day) & Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) meet late one night in a bar on the seedy side of town. Their bosses must be killed but who should pull the trigger?

Enter the “Murder Consultant,” a patron at the bar, a man from the shadows who owns and loves the secrets of the dark, a man called Jones, wonderfully played by the mercurial Jamie Foxx decides… each man should kill the other guy’s boss.

What happens next?  Is that you must go to the cinema to find out. Bosses beware, it maybe time to play nice.


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