Three Bullets

Review: By Drew Curtis

If you find yourself, forgive the pun, gunning for some Jon Wu style action, Three Bullets is the film to catch.

Written and Directed by Ron Yuan, Three Bullets follows an undercover cop (Dark Knight’s Michael Jai White) who witnesses his partner’s murder. His last words? “Get the book.” What book? The bad guys’ book.  How to get it? With fist, foot, and a few bullets thrown in just in case.

What makes this martial arts flick even more thrilling is its classic noir style, adding suspense and mystery to its story.  The smoothness of the action can be followed with ease.  Some films’ fight sequences are hard to follow and very jarring.  However, Three Bullets keeps us up to speed following White’s every epic move.  Also, two deaths with one bullet. Yeah, that’s right.

White’s character easily takes down so many thugs with only three bullets, I find myself wanting to go practice at home, and would especially like to try reloading a gun in mid air while dodging a bullet.  And for that Mr. Yuan, I thank you.

Check out this film, or that third bullet just might be for you.


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