The Smurfs

I’ve been waiting for this film since I was five years old; I was five when I feel in love with Smurfette and the love affair still lingers in my sad blue heart. And so 30 years later and it’s finally Smurf time; I can’t believe I’m gonna get to gaze upon my beautiful little blue honey in 3D. The trailer looks genuinely hilarious, smacked full of smurf jokes and physical comedy that made this grown man laugh.

The Smurfs, is a hilarious blend of live action and animation for young and old alike. What happens when these little blue men and one ever so cute “blue girl” are chased out of smurf paradise by the evil Gargamel, and they fall through a portal and end up on planet earth? But not just planet earth, these cute little creatures only 3 apples high have landed in the big apple, New York City.

Taken in by Marketing Executive (Neil Patrick Harris) and his pregnant wife (the lovely Jayma Mays), the smurfs find human friends who will try and help them escape the evil Gargamel. That’s right the Smurf’s must get back to their village before the Gargamel who has tracked them down to the big apple can find them.

There are three reasons that I have to see this movie…

  1. Slapstick, drop dead cute humor that can bring a very childlike grown man to his knees with laughter.
  2. A Wonderful mash up of 3D Animation and Life Action which merges the worlds of fantasy and reality together in a magically, imaginative way.
  3. That gorgeous girl in blue – Smurfette, you still rock my world baby.

So I’m off to see The Smurfs. I will be the dude in the 3rd row, holding the blue flowers.


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