Ron Yuan’s “Lollipops”

From Director Ron Yuan comes this deeply disturbing tale that captivates and revolts its audience all at the same time. Like an enchanting nightmare that is so wickedly horrible, you lie there petrified of waking up, because your afraid that the darkly fantastical world you have just been apart of might actually be true.

Is there anything more evil than the promise of a lollipop?

It’s the sort of candy that attracts innocence and violates purity all at the one time; this film has to be taken seriously. From the grainy ominous black and white flashbacks, to the sickly psychedelic, lushly over-saturated visuals of present day, it is both a memory and a nightmare. Reminiscent of Tarantino’s “Kill Bill” and Peter Jackson’s “Lovely Bones,” the scariest thing is the reflection of the murky gray world that exists inside all of us.

The transitions between scenes appear immaculate. The camera work is raw and visceral and the creaky sounds, twist and grind, contorting themselves uncomfortably upon your middle ear. It feels right to be uncomfortable in this grey unpredictable world.

The scene where a teenage Lolly fights off the advances of an older man is both twisted and riveting, violating everyone of your senses and destroying the promise that you made to yourself… to believe in a better world. I couldn’t take my eyes off that scene.

Though I can’t wait to see this movie, I’ll be buying Popcorn and staying the hell away from lollipops.


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