The Devil You Meet

Review by: Jonathan Wilson

Well developed characters, the road to redemption, fighting for your identity, the hero’s journey. These are all classic elements of cinema that I would trade pyrotechnics for any day of the week. “The Devil You Meet” really solidifies that through an apples to apples comparison of two men going through the same things, at the same time but on opposite sides of the coin.

In the beginning you are following two characters, plagued by the community’s negative opinions of them. Whether the source of negativity stems from poking fun at a weight problem, or even racial prejudice. “The Devil You Meet” illustrates the fact that these men are manifesting their own realities and have to stop their respective but similar downward spirals. After that realization, the story quickly turns in to being about a need to change.

My favorite part of the movie’s style is the deliberate nature of the cinematography. There were no frills, but there were no mistakes either. If the character is meant to be unattractive, the director was sure to film his “bad side”, if the character was mean, they looked mean. This made it very easy to decipher the path that each character was taking.

This short really got my gears turning. Granted, it’s 10 lbs. of content and vision in a 5 lb. bag, but since when was that a bad thing?


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