Drive – Movie Review

Movie Review: By Geoff Talbot


Drive” is a neo-classic noir punctuated with many pregnant unspoken moments. These long pauses uncomfortably invite you into the world of a man you will never fully understand.

“Driver”(Ryan Gosling) is a man without a name, with a past shrouded in dark shadows, and a delicate sensitivity that beckons you to trust him. Winsome, silent and sullen, there is something in this character that you long to embrace, something broken that you dare to believe only your kiss could heal.

This is the dilemma of Irene (Carey Mulligan), an attractive solo mom who lives next door to the mysterious driver. But a kiss than can heal, also has the power to kill.

Driver lives an isolated life, stunt driver by day, getaway driver by night, domiciled alone in a small apartment beside Los Angeles’s MacArthur Park. It’s safer alone, no need to reveal secrets, no need to explain the duplicities of ones actions. But man was not meant to live alone.

Perhaps it is a kind of sympatico, a mutual understanding of loneliness, need and desire that draw Driver and Irene together. It’s a relationship that promises us much, until Irene’s husband is suddenly released from prison.

It is at this point that the auteur (Nicolas Winding Refn) really ramps up the tension and the story explodes from a very European feeling character piece into something so much more. BUT it’s really not that surprising, due Gosling’s quite remarkable portrayal, we always sensed there was something profoundly darker and more disturbing about Driver.

With his back against the wall, our “Driver” exudes a bone chilling cold rage and a type of fearlessness that borders on the inhumane. We never find out how he learned to fight, or if he has killed before; but only a fool would have believed that he had ever been a driver.

When the blood splatters across his cold face in a gruesome motel shootout, there is something ever so familiar, written in his cold gray eyes. Something has been started, and although he maybe tempted to runaway with Irene, we can be completely sure that for Driver there is no going back.

Let the violence begin. And this movie rains blood.

So much so my heavily pregnant wife, burst into tears and buried her head into the crook of my arm. From wrist slashing, to jumping on a dudes neck until his head comes off, I ‘m sure this film gave my unborn baby nightmares.

The violence in my opinion, although truthful to character and chilling underscored by a beautiful soundtrack took and stole from the story with every kick, stomp and flick of the blade. As “revenge” steals the show, the relationship between Irene and Driver so beautifully set up disappears into the background.

And so although we are promised much, the deep secrets of the man “Driver” are never revealed and his wounds are never exposed. So we are left afraid and unsure about the world we have entered.

Hush! I think the baby is crying. I give this movie a NPW RATING. That is Not for Pregnant Women.


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