Troll Hunter

Movie Review: By Jonathan Wilson

I don’t enjoy melodramatic first person faux documentaries. In fact I remember being dragged out of the cinema by my mother, who for some reason was really distraught 30 minutes into The Blair Witch Project.

I liken it to the first time I watched Robin Williams in clown makeup comfort sick patients, or Sylvester Stallone with boxing gloves on, I recognized that these were actors playing roles. This in turn created a healthy distance between me, and the goings on in the plot.

NOT SO in The Blair Witch Project, or the dozens of faux docs that followed, the latest of which is writer director Andre Ovredal’s TrollHunter, which follows 4 students of  a local college on a fact finding mission, as to why there has been so much violent activity from the normally tame bear population…ENTER THE TROLLS!


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