Email from Delores Huff

Email Submitted to Ben Boquist

Last night we received this email form one of our readers:

Dear FilmFunds,

My Grandson Tommy showed me how to do emails today, and I wanted to write because you kids make movies!

Well for goodness sake, the movies out now are just awful!  Have you been to the theater lately?

I have!

I went with my daughter Brenda to the movies this weekend.

We decided on ‘The Dolphins Tale‘, because it looked cute. Brenda said it was about a young boy who befriends a handicapped dolphin, and that it had that nice young man who sings in it ( Harry Connick Jr. ) But the rude young man selling tickets tried to charge us $12 each!

Well,  I said to him, “Young man! I don’t know who you’re trying to fool, but I saw a movie last month with my friend Judy and tickets were $7.50!”

Do you know what he said? He said it was a 3D movie, and that tickets for 3D movies are $12! I refuse to spend 12 dollars on a movie! That’s a lunch buffet at Ponderosa! $7.50 is already more then they’re worth.

I looked at the posters again and saw one called Dream House and I said to Brenda, “Well that looks cute! The Dream House.”

And she said “Mom you wouldn’t like it.” And I said, “Why not Brenda?” and she said it was about a family that moves into a haunted house with creepy ghost children.

Why would they name it the Dream House?!! The way young people name things today is completely arbitrary! I mean my goodness, the Dream House should be a cute movie about a cottage with talking animals! No one would be confused then.

So then Brenda said, “You know what mom, lets go see the Lion King,” and I said, “Oh that sounds nice.”

But do you know what!? The theater tried to fool us! I said “Brenda, that Lion King sounds familiar. I don’t think it’s a new movie. This theater’s just trying to save a buck,” And I was right!! Turns out it came out in ’94. How can I be sure any of these movies are new? I mean my goodness! You just can’t trust anyone these days.

Then Brenda bought tickets for the only other movie showing, which was called Drive. I thought it sounded nice because I like driving.

Turns out it was about a unhappy boy who killed people with pipes! The violence was just nasty!!! I had to look away. I had my head down for so long I nearly fell asleep. I would have if the music hadn’t been so loud. I had half a mind to tell Brenda to get up so we could get our money back! But then my hip fell asleep and I decided to stay

So there you have it! You kids need to make some decent movies that aren’t about nasty violence or creepy houses! Good nice movies that decent people can watch. And don’t make them 3D! If movies were supposed to jump out at you they’d call them jumpies!

Delores Huff

Editors note: If anyone knows of a film Delores might enjoy, please post a comment


7 comments on “Email from Delores Huff

  1. LOL! That was cute. This lady was on her game or was just giving a good ribbing for questionable titles for movies today. I had to laugh a few times before I could finish. I really can’t think of a movie to recommend, but I might suggest she try something classic. Kudos to her all the same. That response really brightened my day!

  2. LJ says:

    Bless her, she must not get out much. My mom is 79yrs old and knows more about the movies than she does and this includes my dad, he is 84yrs of age. LOL.

  3. Brenda says:

    My mother doesn’t appreciate being tagged as “grumpy old lady”

  4. Lesya says:

    Is it for real?

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