Everyone Has a Story

Cinema Article: Written by Geoff Talbot

For too long the creation of movies has been an exclusive pursuit; a glittering, powerful life for the fortunate chosen few. The streets of Hollywood are littered with the foiled dreams of the impressionable, the eternally hopeful artists who traversed across America to the “City of Angels’ searching for their own star on Hollywood Boulevard.

Money, power, and a furiously tight grip on the distribution channels have long-held sway in those expansive studio offices on Sunset Boulevard. Hollywood is like a stadium full of frustrated athletes forced to sit in the bleachers and watch, as the fortunate few parade around on the turf below. So much life, so many dreams, so much talent forced to simply sit in the stadium and watch.

But you can never kill creativity and dreams refuse to die.

Meet my friend Doc Hollywood, a homeless man who greets me with such enthusiasm at the end of the freeway ramp in Pasadena. Doc is an old frail man, his clothes ill-fitting, hang in threads from his elbows like straw from a scarecrow. I’m sure most people pass Doc Hollywood and barely notice him, for there is almost nothing magnificent about him.

But even though he nearly be dead, Doc has something, there is a spark in his eye; no not a spark, a dream and it still burns behind those red blood-shot eyes. Doc Hollywood has a story to tell.

Everyone has a story to tell.

Dreams, stories, film careers no longer need to be the dominion of the chosen few. The world is changing, the internet and social media simply cannot be controlled by the power brokers sitting in their offices on Sunset Boulevard. Your dreams, your stories are like stars in the sky and the people no longer need to go to the conservatory to gaze upon them. Smart phones, lap tops,  iPads and an ever-increasing bandwidth put a telescope into the hands of the average Jane or Joe on the streets.

It’s no longer “who you know” it’s “what you know” that really counts. So know this, a new way is coming, new hope, new possibilities, an infinite number of new ways for you to share your stories and grow your audience.

All you need is a dream.

I finish with a poem that I dedicate to my friend Doc Hollywood.

street dog songs
find their rhythm in my feet
as I’m walking down a path
down a boulevard of dreams
where it sure seems
that only dreams live.

there ain’t no star
on Hollywood Boulevard
for the Street Poet
or the 3 legged dog
but don’t you worry yourself
because…  he
don’t feel robbed
you don’t need a dream
or a star
to walk down
hollywood boulevard

all you need
is a song
and some soul in your feet
it’s the street dog songs
that keep me’
walking down these streets.


One comment on “Everyone Has a Story

  1. Very nice. And it is true we all have a story to share. Inspiration can come from anywhere. :o)

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