They Don’t Make em Like They Used To…

Review by : L Durdock

For the last three years, when I’ve told people about my 168 film, I’ve said something like, “My film’s unique feature is that it is, to date, the only film that is both produced by a Jew, with explicitly Jewish content, to run in a self-described Christian film festival that is the 168.”

I think that after the debut of PESACH: A PASSOVER STORY, that is no longer true.

‘Pesach’ is a light hearted family comedy from novice Ohio filmmaker Ben Boquist. It tells of a non Jewish boy who celebrates passover with his Jewish friend and her family.

Karen [the festival administrator] was kind enough to loan me her copy, which I had the pleasure of viewing today for the first time.  (I’d gone to the festival the second day, but not the first, so didn’t see it on its big screen debut, sadly.)

This film has some heart to it.  The quirky nature of Mildred’s relatives, (with their occasional remark that isolates Charlie and puts him on the spot) rings true enough with some of my distant relatives.

I liked various other elements as well:  the explanations of the various Seder plate items (minus the actual Seder plate!)… the revulsion at the Gefilte fish (I’m with Dennis Prager; even with adding chane, one has to have genes to like Gefilte fish), and I smiled at the Isaac Asimov reference!

I also liked the shot of the father reading the newspaper and the various editorial/ op-ed column headlines that ‘happen’ to glare out at the viewer, ‘We have to get over our queasiness at fighting terror.’  (along with a second such headline on the same page).  I sincerely doubt that those headlines were in the film by accident.  I’m glad someone took the plunge and made this film.


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