Blog by: Caroline Wingård

Have you ever been so scared you couldn’t breathe? Well that was how scared I was last night. I was walking all by myself on a side street when all of a sudden, the power went out! It was as scary as any horror movie I had ever watched!

After a rather exhausting day at work, one of my coworkers came up with the wonderful idea of grabbing a drink after work at a bar nearby. I thought “Why not, its Wacky Wednesday after all.” We walked outside to very windy weather, which made us even more determined to get a drink. Drinking keeps you warm, right? I drove myself to the bar and got stuck in traffic.

Of course, it was just my luck to miss the valet parking sign. Instead, I turned on the next street to find parking.

It was a dead-end street with no traffic. From there I found an alley, which led to the bar.

It was already dark out with only a few streetlights.

I started to walk faster.

All of a sudden the whole neighborhood turned dark and quiet… Too quiet.

I immediately started to think about the movie that has been haunting my dreams for years: “Scream”.

I stopped to reorganize my thoughts, but all I could think about was the fact that any second a murderer with that infamous mask would jump out in front of me and end my life.

It was not a happy thought. It was followed by another, “I want my mom!”

As I started to walk faster, I got mad at myself for ever watching horror movies. Ever since the first Scream movie came out, I have had reoccurring dreams about the masks hunting me.

But still, I watched all four of them. So obviously, I have myself to blame. And obviously Wes Craven created a masterpiece, since it is still the scariest movie I have ever seen.

I learned from this movie that you should never answer the phone or open the door when you’re home alone. Who could forget the immortal scene where Casey (Drew Barrymore) speaks to a stranger on the phone while making popcorn. As soon as I started to remember that scene, my phone rang!

Needless to say I ran as fast as I could.

The bar was out of power as well and as I was walked, the only thing I could see were the lit up faces from the candles at the tables.

Great! Now everyone looks like a mass murderer.

Back to the movie.

For those unfamiliar, Scream tells of a town in California, which turns into a bloodbath. Everyone seems to be the suspect. Sidney (Neve Campbell) trusts no one and believes that whoever is killing her friends also killed her mother a year before. As the killer calls her in the first movie he says, “Do you wanna die, Sidney? Your mother sure didn’t,” confirming her suspicions!

Which leads me to the fact that I suspected everyone in the bar of being a murderer. Trust no one, right?

There is an obsession with horror movies all over the world and many of them are real life events turned into movies.

My biggest fear is that one of those movies will be made about me!
Scream is such a good example of a movie where everything goes wrong. If the movie has a theme, it’s “Trust no one and be scared.”

Sidney might be a nervous wreck, but she was smart enough to be aware of her surroundings. I almost felt like her last night as I was running through the alley.

Except that I had no one who followed me… Did I?

I finally found my coworkers at a table in the bar and began drinking.

Although, I trusted no one.


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