It’s Alive: The Magical World of 3D

Blog By: Ben Boquist

This weekend I went to see a movie with some friends. We saw Martin Scorsese’s gorgeous film Hugo. I loved it! I was riveted by the acting, the plot and the cinematography.  What made the experience even better, though, was the fact that it was in 3D.  I had never seen a 3D movie that was this beautiful. From the opening tracking shot of the Parisian skyline – to the humorous shots of Sacha Baron Cohen’s enormous head creeping around corners, every frame was rich, layered and bursting with life.

After the movie we went out for drinks to talk about it. I was stunned by a tidal wave of negativity from my friends. “I’m so tired of 3D,” someone said.

“It’s a cheap trick,” someone else added. The others nodded in agreement. I wondered for a minute if we’d seen the same movie. But, I suppose it’s not too surprising. My group of friends is a lovably pretentious group of film school graduates. Talking trash makes them feel better – the poor things –  and I didn’t rob them of the privilege.

I did, however, defend 3D; Which is, in my opinion, the future of cinema. Like it or not, 3D is here to stay. At the cineplex we went to, four of the 10 movies showing were in 3D. And really, if movies are supposed to take us to other worlds, why shouldn’t those worlds be as multi-dimensional as possible?

I’ve been a fan of 3D for awhile. Probably since Avatar, which left me speechless. I laughed until my sides hurt when ice cream and skittles rained from the sky in Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs. I grinned like an idiot as I watched the superhuman heroes of Thor. I routinely see the yearly screenings of Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D.

As I listened to my friends complain, I couldn’t help but feel that they were missing out.

In the early days of film, stage actors and playwrights looked down on the new technology as cheap and commercial. When sound was introduced for the first time, Mary Pickford – the biggest actress in the biz – said, “Adding sound to movies would be like putting lipstick on the Venus de Milo.”

There’s something very human about resisting change. But change can also be exciting if we choose to see it that way.

That’s why I can’t wait to see where 3D movies take us in the future. If Hugo is any indication, we have lots to look forward to!


One comment on “It’s Alive: The Magical World of 3D

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