Our Very Merry Movie List

Blog By: Ellice Soliven

(with input from the Filmfunds staff)

It’s the holidays y’all!

Here at FilmFunds, we obviously love movies. Sometimes we argue about the movies we love or hate; Why Zach Galifianakis is so awesome; Which movie soundtracks are the best; and which directors make the best movies. But if there’s one thing we all enjoy, it’s a great holiday film! Whether it’s a classic feel-good movie, or a bittersweet take on the holidays, we all can agree on a few definite favorites.

Here’s a handful of holiday films we love – the ones that make us all exclaim “Aww, I LOVE that movie!” or “Remember that scene where…” Enjoy!

Eva’s Pick:

The Nightmare before Christmas

There is just so much good about this movie, it’s ridiculous. It’s morbid and macabre, while at the same time still wildly uplifting. Nightmare is an animated masterpiece dug directly from the wonderful depths of Tim Burton’s mind. Jack Skellington is the king of both Halloween AND Christmas. Though it’s not your typical yuletide cheer Jack spreads (what with severed heads and snakes as gifts), it’s the thought that counts. “Sandy Claws” is probably one of the most wickedly cool Santas ever.

Ellice’s Pick:

Bridget Jones’s Diary

Not your typical Christmas movie, but it’s one to watch if you’re a female feeling blue throughout the holidays (which I admit I sometimes am). Renee Zellweger is a great as Bridget: the self-deprecating, self-proclaimed “spinster” with body issues, and a bit of a smoking and drinking problem. It’s ridiculous how much I identify with this woman- even if she’s British and I’m American. She goes through one hell of an embarrassing holiday, but she ends up boosting her confidence, finding a job she loves, and –of course- a man who loves her “just as she is”. By the end of the film, I’m pumped for the holidays and ready to love everyone.

Jessica’s Pick:

Eight Crazy Nights

 It’s an animated cartoon movie about Chanuka, with crude humor, starring Adam Sandler. Need We say more?

Ben’s Pick:

The Muppet Christmas Carol

This movie is the darkest of the muppet movies. Michael Cain plays scrooge with a lot of sadness and regret, which is a nice contrast to the misers in other versions. The Muppet vision on Dickensian London is gorgeous! One of the most beautiful sets ever designed for a movie (IMHO). It’s also a musical with great original songs (“Tis the season to be jolly and Joyee-ous… falalala”) and OH it features the muppets! Statler and Waldorf are PERFECT as the dead Marley brothers. I could go on forever.
It’s also worth mentioning that the story has heart! Where most Christmas movies are pretty warm and “fluffy”, it addresses issues like death, poverty and loneliness and STILL manages to be hopeful at the end. God bless us everyone!

Caroline’s Pick:

Home Alone

One movie that I watch every Christmas is Home Alone! The reason behind it is family and tradition! As a child with divorced parents, I grew up in two households. I ended up watching this movie every  year with my dad. It became our little tradition when December came around the corner. Poor little Kevin missed his family and he was all by himself! The movie is sad, yet so hilarious I almost pee my pants every time I watch it!

Ahmed’s Pick:

The Holiday

Yes, this is a “chick flick”.  No, I am not a “chick”. Does that stop me from watching The Holiday every Christmas season? No way! I can’t help that I love Kate Winslet. I love her character but hate her stubbornness to be with a man who doesn’t love her back. I would love you Kate, if you just let me! Honestly though, the idea of staying at a stranger’s house in a different country for the holidays does kind of appeal to me. The adventures that could be had, the love that could be made! I’ll admit I’m a sucker for romantic comedies, and aside from Love Actually, The Holiday gives me just the right amount of warm fuzzy feelings for Christmas.

Jonathan’s Pick:

Bad Santa

Is it possible for the most brash and cynical character ever conceived to be an uplifting and positive character? I would have never thought so either, but the ever-talented Billy Bob
Thornton surprised me. The funniest part about this movie (for me) is the fact that he’s not just any sort of has-been. He’s a has-been criminal, a professional bank robber who’s hit rock bottom. His sidekick’s a “little person” with way too much “fight” for his own good, and the only brain between the two of them. This movie is about one man’s laugh-until-you-cry journey from being a complete jerk to having a sense of right and wrong, and actually caring for once in his life.

Nima’s Pick:

A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas

ANOTHER Harold and Kumar movie? But this time it’s about Christmas? Who doesn’t love a feel-good holiday film, spiced with vulgarity, claymation, and lots and lots  of “greenery”.  The boys are grown up in this one with new weird best friends, but they’re still the same silly duo. John Cho and Kal Penn are better than ever; I love their chemistry together. Did I mention Neil Patrick Harris is back in action? And don’t get me started on the badass Danny Trejo. But you know what the coolest thing about this movie is? IT’S IN 3D!!! Doesn’t get much better than that, folks.

Group Pick:

A Christmas Story

A classic Christmas favorite! If you’re a fan, you wait anxiously for the marathon on cable. If you’re not, you still most likely know the famous scene where that kid gets his tongue stuck to the pole. This movie is engrained in our minds. We know not to ask for a BB gun for Christmas, because “You’ll shoot your eye out!” A Christmas Story awakens the child in all of us. In the sense that we remember that the meaning of Christmas is really just all about getting presents.

And there you have it! Pour yourself some eggnog, find a cozy seat and celebrate the season with these classic titles.

Happy Holidays!



2 comments on “Our Very Merry Movie List

  1. Great article. I mostly like all the toons. I raised too many children so I have no choice but to still enjoy them most. :o)

  2. Ashley Black says:

    The Nightmare Before Christmas ♥

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