Step Inside the Mind of a Horror Writer

Blog By: Jonathan Wilson

Have you ever wondered what’s going through a filmmaker’s head?

I CONSTANTLY ask myself “How the hell did they think of this? That’s why I’m thrilled to feature filmmaker Ryan Shovey in today’s blog.

His new horror film ‘Hunter‘ is currently attracting attention on our site.

FilmFunds: Where did the concept for Hunter come from?

Ryan Shovey: The concept came from the love of slasher/horror films that we grew up with. The idea was written by Ross Alagna, and then we co-wrote the final script. It’s a culmination of classic elements from Psycho, Halloween, and Scream.

FF: What about the slasher genr e appeals to you?

RS: The slasher genre, I feel, is the perfect date movie. It is something that everyone seems to love to go to the theater and watch together. What also drives it home it the slight sense of “That could really happen!” Most other horror genre flicks don’t have the effect making you look behind you when you walk home or makes you check the closet before going to bed.

FF: What made you decide to partner with filmfunds for this project?

RS: I found FilmFunds on twitter. At the time we were using IndieGoGo to help raise funds, and it wasn’t giving us the results we were looking for. I started using FilmFunds, and I immediately liked how it made it easy for the people wanting to get involved. I like the interaction using the social media craze. We already started seeing results by gaining a lot of followers and promoters.

FF: What excites you about the future of social media and crowd sourced film financing?

RS: I think the easier we make it for the promoters and funders, the easier we will be able to make interesting projects. FilmFunds targets the people who are interested in making films, which is perfect for any filmmaker. I’m quite excited to see what will happen in the coming years.

Thanks for the interview Mr. Shovey! Perfect date movies like yours are always welcome, and I’m excited to see what will happen with you and your film!


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