Forget About My Booty… Focus On My Beauty!

Blog By: Caroline Wingård


Everywhere we go, there are billboards and magazines showcasing skinny, hot women with a sign that says “500 Ways to Lose Weight”. As if those were not enough, there is always more to look forward to when you come home and turn on the TV.

I have to admit –  media affects me more than I think sometimes. I feel bad almost every time I have a piece of chocolate or eat a bowl of pasta for dinner. I am a pretty confident girl, but the media bug bites me on a daily basis. Living in Hollywood does not make it any better.

But let’s be real for a second!

Girls, men always marry the curvy girl after dating a string of skinny b*tches. And guys, we know that you are silently jumping up and down with joy when you end up in bed with a curvy woman. Its OK to admit it; Society will still accept you.

In today’s Western society, both men and women are taught that the “norm” is to look like models. “Ugly and fat” people are less likely to land a good job and get married. Skinny girls and ripped men will live happily ever after.

Relax, that’s not true. Even Hollywood produces movies demonstrating you can find love no matter what you look like. Here are some movies that prove not only top models can have a happy ending:

In the movie Real Women Have Curves, the main character Ana (America Ferrera) is strong, confident and not afraid to flaunt her booty. She is a real woman!

Ana is a Mexican-American teenager, whose parents force her to work in their sewing factory after high school. She fights her mother’s daily comments about losing weight and starts a “revolution” at the factory, stripping down to her underwear and inspires the other workers to do the same. My favorite scene is when Ana is almost naked and says: “Ladies, look, how beautiful we are! And how good this feels! To be rid of all these clothes and just let it all hang out!” That is what I call “girl power”.


“Let’s face it, the guy’s a five. Meanwhile, this Molly is a hard 10.” These are the words from Kirk’s (Jay Baruchel) best friends in the movie She’s Out of My League. So as you can imagine, he is no Brad Pitt.

Kirk works as an airport TSA in Pittsburgh and is a pretty awkward bony guy with low self-esteem and no money. One day he meets Molly (Alice Eve), a stunningly hot, rich girl who seems to have it all. The story begins when Molly forgets her phone at the airport and Kirk finds it. She invites him out for dinner as a “thank you” and magic happens. The whole world is not so quietly wondering what the heck she sees in him and the movie takes many turns before it ends. To sum it up, ugly boy gets pretty girl. This is yet another example of how beauty is not everything, that what is on the inside can be more attractive than what is shown on the outside.


The movie Hairspray is not only a musical, it is also a movie about fighting to “fit” into society and go against the grain when it comes to portraying images on TV.

Tracy Turnblad (Nikki Blonsky) is a plump little dancer from Baltimore who is obsessed with a local TV dance show.  One of the stars leaves the show and Tracy decides to audition. But the producer of the show, Velma Von Tussle (Michelle Pfeiffer), denies Tracy because of her weight. She also denies a black girl the role due to her skin color. One day, Tracy and some of her black friends hide then “pop” up on live TV dancing.  They soon become stars overnight. The message in the movie is that Tracy is a role model for many girls all over the world. She might be overweight, but she is not afraid of following her dreams and proving to others that she is not only as good as them – she is even better!


So throw away all those magazines that tell you that you are not good enough. Instead, throw yourself on the couch with a bag of chips and ENJOY these movies.


One comment on “Forget About My Booty… Focus On My Beauty!

  1. Honestly, I know a lot of pretty women and they all say the same thing: that they want a man who respects them and makes them laugh. And men just want a happy woman (who is willing to date them).

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