The Mix-Up: Gossip Farm

Blog By: Jaclyn Zepnick 
Miss Piggy To Host BAFTA Awards…

Move over Meryl Streep: this year on the red carpet, Miss Piggy will be the star!  That’s right, the sexiest muppet of them all will be hosting the BAFTA Awards on Sunday, February 12.

Interviewing the likes of Brad Pitt, Jean Dujardin and Michelle Williams, she plans on asking the dirty questions of Hollywood’s hottest names and is particularly looking forward to schmoozing with George Clooney, claiming:

“I don’t wrestle girlfriends. No. However, if George wants to wrestle, bring it on! Best two out of three falls? Winner gets a dinner?”

Always so subtle little Piggy.

Speaking of Muppets…

Amy Adams, real life human star of The Muppets, signed on to star in and produce an adaptation of Steve Martin’s novel, An Object of Beauty. Published in 2010, it tells the story of  an art entrepreneur who opens her own gallery, travels the world and gets caught up in many loves (that’s all you get, no spoilers here!) Steve’s other writing endeavour, Shopgirl, was made into a film starring himself and Claire Danes in 2005.

Baby Alert…

Robert Downey Jr. and wife welcomed a baby boy into the world this morning at 7:24 a.m. The child’s name is Exton Elias Downey and the first for the pretty couple. But Exton already has an older 18-year-old bro, Robert’s son from a previous marriage. Catch Robert this May in The Avengers and next year in Iron Man 3. What a cool dad.

In Other News…

Prop 8 was ruled unconstitutional in California today. The controversial proposition has been tossed around for years in states, arguing whether or not gay marriage should be legal and finally it has come to a conclusion in the state of California. The 2-1 decision paved the way for the U.S. Supreme Court to rule on gay marriage as early as next year.

“Proposition 8 served no purpose, and had no effect, other than to lessen the status and human dignity of gays and lesbians in California,” the court said.

Among the many celebrities who support gay marriage are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, with Pitt saying last month, “To be in love with someone and be raising a family with someone and want to make that commitment and not be able to is ludicrous, just ludicrous.”

Hear hear!

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