The Mix-Up: It’s the Weekend!

Blog by: Elaine Sandoval

Happy Friday!

Adele has a sex tape? Mmm, we think NOT…

According to the French tabloid Public, the multiple Grammy winner has a sex tape with her ex-boyfriend. Although Adele’s people have denied it, the singer decided to take matter into her own hands and take legal actions. Looks like this French tabloid will think twice about messing with Adele.
You go girl!

Kermit and Miss Piggy to present at Oscars!

Despite the multiple petitions trying to get the Muppets to perform at the Oscars, it was sadly a thumbs down. On a lighter note, the fabulous Miss Piggy and handsome Kermit the Frog will be presenting awards. Also joining the previous presenters will be the hilarious Ms. Tina Fey.

It’s the freakin’ weekend…and the movie theatres will definitely be the place to be!

Movies like Ghostrider, This Means War, Safe House, The Vow and Chronicle will definitely catch us peeps buying a ticket! What other way to spend your weekend than by enjoying a movie? Whether you’re watching sexy Chris Pine and steamy Tom Ford fighting for America’s sweetheart Reese Witherspoon, or on the edge of your seats watching Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds in the action-packed film Safe House – enjoying a movie with friends/a significant other/or even solo never hurt anyone. Right?

Whitney Houston’s wake set for Friday night…

Despite Whitney Houston’s funeral planned for Saturday, multiple fans and family members are preparing a private wake set for tonight. The singer’s wake is set to be at Whigham Funeral Home and Newark’s New Hope Baptist Church. Fans and family members will be able to express their love for Houston away from the cameras.
Aside from the private wake, E! is set to air a special report, “Whitney Houston: The Funeral” starting at 11:30a.m ET/8:30am PT tomorrow.
Will you be tuning in?

Rihanna? Chris Brown? Collaboration?

Lately, rumors have been swarming around, claiming RiRi and Chris Brown will be collaborating for a remix of her song “Birthday Cake.” According to The Hollywood Gossip, the rumors are… well rumors, and not true.
Sorry Chris Brown, looks like you won’t be getting any closer to Rihanna and her “Birthday Cake.”

Nick Cannon quits radio show due to poor health…

New York radio show host and actor Nick Cannon calls it quits and for a good reason! According to Cannon, he has ended the show due to having multiple blood clots in his lungs. Ouch! Although his radio show will be missed, Cannon will be taking a break and getting the rest he needs.
Get Well soon!


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