The Mix-Up: “Dictator” at the Oscars, Britney Spears on “X-Factor” and more…

Blog By: Armando Tinoco

“Dictator” Might Show Up At the Oscars
Sacha Baron Cohen, best known for his characters Borat and Bruno, wants to attend the Academy Awards as his new character from his upcoming movie, The Dictator.

The Oscars are known for being classy and glamorous; It is the most prestigious award in movies and having Cohen trying to capture attention for himself would definitely damper the ceremony. This is not the first time the actor goes in to an awards show as one of his characters, as he has appeared in full character multiple times at the MTV Video Music Awards. Of course, the MTV awards are known for being irreverent and much more “fun” where these type of actions are not frowned upon, but encouraged.

It will be interesting if the Academy lets Cohen do his little stint and more interesting if we find out this was exactly what The Dictator’s publicist wanted – to get some media attention. Well we are talking about it, right?

The Dictator

Conan O’Brien Will Continue On Late-Night
It was recently announced that Conan O’Brien will be continuing his late-night talk show as TBS has extended his contract through April 2014. Conan is not the leader of the talk show pack as he is consistently outdrawn by Leno, Letterman, Ferguson, Fallon and cable rivals Stewart and Colbert.

TBS spins it by saying that Conan continues to experience audience growth and has a young audience following. We miss Comic the Insult Dog and Conando. When are they coming back?

Conan O'Brien

Britney Spears is interested in The X-Factor
It is rumored that Britney Spears is interested in being one of the mentors for the second season of The X-Factor. Britney joins the rumor-mill along with Janet Jackson and Fergie who have been attached to be part of the judging panel.

We missed the Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera brawls of their heyday. You know if Spears joins, even though they wouldn’t be comparing directly with The Voice, people will be putting them against each other and see whose singing competition show has bigger ratings.

Britney Spears

Ryan Phillippe will not be a “Golden Boy”
Ryan Phillippe had been cast as the leading character of a new CBS pilot named Golden Boy. Now Deadline reports that less than 2 weeks that Phillippe had committed to the series, he has pulled out of the commitment.

Ryan is currently filming a story arc on the final season of Damages and it seems that the arduous work hours has taken a toll on the actor. No other actors have been named to take his place on the new series.

Ryan Phillippe

New James Franco Movie: Cherry
Take a look at the trailer of Cherry, starring James Franco, Ashley Hinshaw and Heather Graham.

The story is about a sweet young girl who makes her way into the porn industry.


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  1. Love James Franco & Heather Graham!

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