FilmFunds Exclusive: Pre-Oscar Party “Wrap” Up

Blog By: Armando Tinoco

Hey Film Funders! Oscars are this weekend and we are so excited we already started celebrating. Last night we attended an exclusive The Wrap Pre-Oscar party in Beverly Hills and got to meet up with some of the nominees for this Sunday.

Walking with a great big smile was Nick Krause of The Descendants. Although he is not nominated himself, his film is. He will be attending the Academy Awards this Sunday in support of the film starring George Clooney. Nick was excited to be part of an amazing cast and an amazing movie. He will next be seen on the new ABC series, GCB.

You can catch up on our exclusive interview with Nick next…

Bai Ling came to the party reformed and with a new quest in life. After being in rehab treating herself it looks like Ms. Ling wants to make more positive changes and “Save L ives” with her new vision of life. Any positive change is a good change and we support Ling for seeing the light and going in the right direction.

Bai Ling

Jane Seymour has been keeping pretty busy lately. “Dr. Quinn” has been working on independent films and has a couple of projects in the works. One of the features that she is currently working on is called Austenland and its from the Napoleon Dynamite creators.

Watch the following video with Jane talking fashion and give us a glimpse on her role in Austenland in a FilmFunds exclusive…

Oscar nominee for Best Leading Actor, Demian Bichir is thrilled to be nominated for his role in A Better Life. Demian comes from a family of actors and has been enjoying tremendous recognition since he was nominated for the Oscar. Although the favourite is Jean Dujardin for The Artist, he holds his own and is honoured to be in the same category as George Clooney, Jean Dujardin, Gary Oldman and Brad Pitt.

Demian Bichir

Ken Davitian from The Artist was a delight to get to know in person. He tells us that he couldn’t talk about his next projects, but did say that he is doing some voice-over work for a Disney animated film where he would play a Russian bad guy. You can already imagine the hilarity when Ken got into character and gave us a glimpse of his new evil role.

Ken Davitian

Missi Pyle was one of the surprises of the red carpet, as not only she is an amazing actress, but also has a couple of bands. She is in the process of releasing a collaboration with another band and hopes she can gain a good following. Missi characterized her music as country mixed with rock, which sounds like an incredible mix that will surely liven up our iPods.

Missi Pyle

Make sure to come back to FilmFunds tomorrow with an extended Jane Seymour interview and more exclusive content from the Pre-Oscars party from Beverly Hills.


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