FilmFunds Exclusive Part 2: Jane Seymour talks indie films, Missi Pyle rocks out and more…

Blog By: Ellice Soliven

Yesterday we brought you exclusive looks from the Pre-Oscar party we attended with insights from Nick Krause (The Descendants), Bai Ling, Jane Seymour, Demian Bichir (A Better Life), Ken Davitian (The Artist) and Missi Pyle (The Artist).

Today we have the second part of our interview with Jane Seymour where she talks independent films. Jane currently has three projects in line, all independent films, and she tells us that “when there is a great script” she feels like she is back to when she started. Ultimately she explains that it is about telling a “great story.”

See Jane talk independent movie-making and what she loves about it, in this FilmFunds exclusive…

We also got a chance to talk to Michael Barnathan, one of the producers from The Help. He gives us a glimpse into what it was like filming the Best Picture nominee on location in Mississippi with his wonderful cast of actresses. Check it out here:

Finally we got to chat with Missi Pyle, star of Best Picture nominee The Artist. Not only does she have a few movie projects in the works, but she has a few bands on the side as well! The rockstar tells us a little bit about them here:

Thanks for checking out our FilmFunds exclusive from The Wrap’s Pre-Oscar party! There’s one more day til the Oscars, and we are so excited! Can you feel the anticipation??

Happy Oscar Weekend everyone!


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