The Mix-Up: Oscar Hangover

Blog By: Jaclyn Zepnick 
Greetings FilmFunders! We’re still in Oscar re-cap mode over here, the night was insane and just now recovering from all the excitement. Wonder if Jean Dujardin and The Artist cast are still on cloud 9….Check out the photos below for their fleeting moment.

Just as Jean arrived at the Mondrian Hotel after party……that’s French Minister Frederic Lefebvre in the dashing glasses next to Jean…

Ho ho! I just won the Oscar for Best Actor, I’m so fabulous!

More interviews?! I just want to get to the Weinstein Co. party my friends.

Snagged one of Artist Director Michel Hazanavicius, on his way to the celebration.

Yes, I’m happy we won! Now make way for the night! Hazanavicius went on to really say, “One movie is just one movie – it doesn’t change things.” So modest! He’s already working on his next film – a remake of 1948’s The Search which starred Montgomery Clift.

Producer, Thomas Langmann, with the look of: Heck yes, you know we just won the Oscar! And heck yes, I’ll do interviews ‘til the break of day!

Langmann was even nice enough to talk to a fan via phone when it was handed to him over the ropes of the red (or in this case, black carpet). Such a gentlemen.

And one more of Uggie, still performing for the camera into the wee hours of the morning.

Stay tuned when we announce the winner of our Artist Sweepstakes Winner!


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