The Mix-Up: R.I.P Davy Jones, Dujardin’s sexy new film and more…

Blog By: Jessica Schellenbach

The Monkees lead singer, Davy Jones passed away today following a heart attack in a hospital in Florida. Jones was 66 years old and will be greatly missed.


James Murdoch is stepping down…

James Murdoch is stepping down as executive chairman of News International and Tom Mockridge will take over his position. After his move to the New York headquarters, Murdoch is going to focus more on pay TV business and broader international operations. His father, Rupert Murdoch, CEO and chairman of the company, praises his son and says he has provided great leadership for News International. Many speculations are floating around that his move to New York was to get out of the spotlight of the recent phone hacking scandal.


Dujardin at it again…
Oscar winner Jean Dujardin is not taking a break after the award season. Just days after the Academy Award show, his latest film is being released in his home country of France. The Players (Les Infideles) is a collection of adultery-themed shorts and they are written by the star himself. Dujardin also stars in the film and rumor has it that there might be some butt shots involved.


More Netflix news…
Netflix deal with the Weinstein Company will bring more movies to instant play including The Artist, a Weinstein Company film. This is only the beginning for Netflix’s new approach to streaming and more exclusive big-name movies will be added to their catalogue.


Stepping out of the “Twilight”…
If you cant get enough of Twilight, Ashley Greene (who plays Alice Cullen in the Twilight saga) has signed up to star in a new ABC drama pilot called Americana. This show focuses on a famous fashion industry clan in which Greene plays a newcomer to the family business. The drama centers on the iconic fashion designer Robert Soulter played by Anthony LaPaglia.



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