The Mix-Up: Snooki Is Pregnant, Jennifer Garner reveals son’s name and more…

Blog By: Armando Tinoco

Snooki Rumored to be Pregnant
The infamous “meatball” of Jersey Shore fame, Nicole Polizzi, is rumored to be pregnant if the New York Post is to be believed. The pint-sized reality star is supposedly around three months pregnant and the father is Jionni LaValle, sources told New York Post. The news comes just a couple weeks after Snooki and her BFF J-WOWW started shooting a new reality series following their lives in Jersey. Imagine the hilarity these two would get into? Snooki trying to change diapers, Snooki dancing on top of the bar while juggling her baby, Snooki forgetting her baby at the club… the possibilities are endless!

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck Reveal Newborn Name
Star couple Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have revealed their newborn son’s name, Samuel Garner Affleck. The couple had two daughters named Violet and Seraphina. We are sure both girls are thrilled to have a new baby brother.

Dustin Hoffman

HBO struggles with “Luck”
Despite HBO’s biggest effort to make Luck a hit, it has struggled to find its place. Dustin Hoffman stars in this drama set in the world of horseracing. It has had nothing but critically-acclaimed reviews from critics (what HBO show doesn’t?), but it has not found a set audience failing to crack Nielsen’s list of the top 100 prime-time cable broadcasts. In any case, the show has been renewed for a second season despite its lackluster ratings, hoping a recent improvement in the ratings trend will continue. Now why were they not this forgiving when Lisa Kudrow starred in The Comeback? Now THAT show was brilliant.

Bristol Palin Reality Show

Bristol Palin Scores Reality Show
Why are we still talking about the Palins? Lifetime has given the go to produce a reality show revolving around Bristol Palin. The show is titled Bristol Palin: Life’s A Tripp, and will be ten episodes long focusing on her life as a single mom. Her mother’s show tanked and she was the funny one; Can Bristol deliver ratings gold?

Ryan Gosling in Drive

Ryan Gosling’s New Film
Ryan Gosling got no Oscar love this year for his eerie character on Drive but he is getting some from Radius, an upstart distribution company from The Weinstein Company. According to Deadline, Radius is in talks to acquire the U.S. distribution rights for Only God Forgives. The story is about seeking revenge in the name of family and we get to see Ryan kicking some butt as his character is proficient in mixed martial arts. Let’s think of this movie as a Drive 2.0 as the director is the same for both films.


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