The Mix-Up: The Muppets will have a sequel, Britney Spears puts her house on the market and more…

Blog By: Armando Tinoco

The Muppets

Muppets Sequel Is A Go!
The Muppets have made a comeback and Disney has made a deal with the director and writer to make a sequel, according to Vulture. The sad part? That Jason Segel won’t be coming back as a writer. Jason has two movies coming out this year which he has to promote, and his duties on the hit TV show How I Met Your Mother would not permit him to devote time to writing. The good news is that Jason has not been ruled out to come back as an actor.

Britney Spears

Britney Puts House On The Market
Looking for a new home? Britney Spears has just put up a “For Sale” sign on her Hidden Hills estate. The property is about 3.5 acres, the main house has 7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, with a guest house and 2 apartments for her in-house staff. The price for this modest house? $10 million! Now where did I leave my check book?

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games Tracking BIG!
With the Harry Potter movie series ending last year and Twilight ending this year, the people seem to be “hungry” for the next BIG series of movies. Early tracking reports for The Hunger Games suggest that 23 percent of people have this movie listed as their “First Choice” and 54 percent claim a “Definite Interest.” According to a Deadline source, the movie is set to open to a whooping $70+million! We sure hope that this movie is a hit because vampires are soooo 2009.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar Hated Being Called Buffy
Sarah Michelle Gellar will always be Buffy in our minds and she recently told BULLETT magazine that she hated it. “Back then, if you’d called me Buffy I would probably have been really annoyed,” Sarah told the magazine. But a lot has changed for the actress, now that she is married to actor Freddie Prinze Jr. and has a 2 year old daughter. With her new series Ringer not doing so well in the ratings, she probably wishes she was still Buffy. I am sure she still thinks that “even after all these years, limos are still cool.” +1000 If you know that reference.


One comment on “The Mix-Up: The Muppets will have a sequel, Britney Spears puts her house on the market and more…

  1. I grew up with the muppets, so much love to them in anything they continue to do. As for Buffy – well, she will always be remembered for that role. Despite her other/previous roles, including playing the daughter of Erika Cane, Buffy is her most famous. Sorry homegirl, that’s just the way it is. I imagine Daniel Radcliffe while be fighting his famous character name just like most others.

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