The Mix-Up:Will Ferrell speaks Spanish, The Hangover for kids, and more…

Blog by: Elaine Sandoval

Project X racks in 1.2 million opening night!

Warner Bros. film Project X earned an amazing 1.2 million during the Thursday midnight showing. The R-rated film is based on teenagers planning a “small” party, which goes terribly wrong. The film is set to earn an estimated 20 million if all continues to go well. What do you think? Will you be watching Project X over the weekend?

Lamar Odom dropped from the Mavericks!

Lamar Odom has been officially dropped from the Dallas Mavericks roster and moved to a lower league. Since being drafted from the Los Angeles Lakers, Odom hasn’t been playing quite the same. Although Lamar Odom has been dropped from the Mavericks he will still be earning his 8.9 million annual salary, but continue on with a different team.

Will Ferrell speaks Spanish!

Will Ferrell was seen alongside Diego Luna during the halftime of the Mexican National Football team promoting his new Film Casa de mi Padre. The film not only includes Will Ferrell and Diego Luna, but also one of our faves Gael Garcia Bernal. Ferrell’s Casa de mi Padre is set to release on March 16.
Will you be watching Will Ferrell get his “Armando Alvarez” on?

Bill Murray will not be joining Ghostbusters 3 cast

Former co-star Dan Aykroyd released a statement confirming that Bill Murray will not be joining Ghostbusters 3. Although Murray will not appear in the film, the production is set to go. We wonder if it’ll be the same without Bill Murray?

Harvey Weinstein to receive France’s Highest Honor

Co-Chairman of the Weinstein Company, Harvey Weinstein will receive the Legion d’Honneur, France’s Highest Honor by French President Nicolas Sarkozy. The award will recognize Weinstein’s contributions to cinema and decades of work producing films.
Congrats Harvey Weinstein!


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