The Mix-Up: Bad Girls and Lawsuits

Blog By: Jaclyn Zepnick 

Demi Moore’s Back in LA…

After her January meltdown, Demi Moore has been MIA for a while, rumored to have been relaxing and getting her life back on track in the Turks and Caicos Islands…the same spot where she was partying hard over Christmas. But now she’s back, spotted fresh off her private jet last night in Los Angeles.

Will she return to rehab? Will she return to smoking something that was “not marijuana, but something similar to incense”  – umm what is that exactly Demi? She and Ashton as you know are divorcing. Best of luck Demi, what happened to your raw lifestyle?

Nicollette Sheridan Goes to Trial Against ABC…

Desperate Housewives star Nicollette Sheridan went to trial this morning in her $6 million case against ABC Housewives producer Marc Cherry. Sheridan claims Cherry hit her in the head and she didn’t speak up about it at first in fear of what would happen.

“Quite frankly I was afraid of being retaliated against,” testified Sheridan. “I wasn’t sure what the HR department or what any HR department really was.”

She received a letter from ABC stating no further action needed to be taken when she did complain.

There is still no verdict in this desperate case.

Price of Popcorn Makes One Moviegoer Popping Mad…

Michigan regular Joe moviegoer, Joshua Thompson is standing up for popcorn and candy buyers around the world! He’s filing a class action lawsuit against his local AMC theatre for the price of theatre snacks. That’s right, Joshua’s miffed about the rising prices in concession stands.

Now, I’m sure this is something WE can all agree on. Six dollars for gummy worms is a bit much. It’s sadly something that most likely won’t win. Theatres claim that by upping the prices for snacks (they make 85% profit – ludicrous!) they are actually keeping the cost of movies lower. Laughable! A ticket alone costs over $10…add popcorn and a soda (even a bottled water) and you’re up to almost $20!

Here’s a fun fact: Movie theatres make $3,000 on every bag of popcorn which only costs them $30. Remember the good old days when the cost of popcorn was only 10 cents? Me neither.

From moviegoers everywhere, good luck Joshua. May the force be with you.


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