The Mix-Up: Hunger Games Update, The Artist Still at the Top and Lindsay’s Comeback

Blog By: Jaclyn Zepnick 

Hunger Games New Clip Released

Jennifer Lawrence’s highly anticipated new film based on the popular book series, hits theaters March 23rd—until then eager fans can relish in a new clip released yesterday. Heroine Katniss shows off her archery skills in the video and her new brown hair (usually Miss Lawrence sports a more blonde ‘do).

Readers of the Suzanne Collins novel have given their approval, saying that the scene plays out almost exactly like in the book—a good sign for a loyal adaptation.

Besides Jennifer, The Hunger Games stars Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Elizabeth Banks and Woody Harrelson.

Check out the clip below…

The Artist in Top 10 After the Oscars…

For the first time in America, the black and white silent film moved into the top charts after it swept at the Oscars on Sunday. The film opened 15 weeks ago and was up 34% from last weekend, proving movie goers really do take the Academy’s opinions seriously.

The Weinstein Co. claimed to plan all along to hold out on going wide until after the Academy Awards. Expanding The Artist from 966 theatre locations to 1,756 over the weekend.

So, if you haven’t seen the film yet, you are in luck…you can still catch it on the big screen, but for a short time only. Run, walk, do whatever it takes, because this silent film is truly the talk of the town.


Lindsay’s on Probation and SNL….

As we mentioned before, Lindsay Lohan made her first live appearance on Saturday Night Live last night since her troubled life experiences (drunk driving arrests and shoplifting anyone?)…It was her fourth time hosting the late night comedy sketch show and maybe not her best but we’re giving her the benefit of the doubt because despite no upcoming projects in her future, Lindsay made it work. She was on the show minimally and just poked fun at herself.

For example, the opening monologue got the audience laughing and was a hit….Here’s how it went down: Lindsay expresses her thanks: “I feel lucky and grateful to be here tonight and that’s why I really want to thank all of my friends at SNL who trusted me enough to be back. The studio feels like home to me,” then as she walks toward the audience a mock house arrest alarm sounds off.

“Wait so the alarm goes off if I leave the stage? I thought it was if I left the studio!” Haha, oh Lindsay, poking fun at your misbehavior, so glad you have a good sense of humor.

Keenan Thompson commented on how beautiful her eyes were and then asked to check them for dilation, saying “She’s good.”

Lindsay was obviously reading from cue cards, but who doesn’t? I give her props for even showing up coherent. And may I add, she was looking classy—-won’t go as far to say stunning—but pretty in bleach blond hair, pasty skin and a neon blue high neck dress.

Lindsay’s appearance comes just as she is completing her community service work at the LA city morgue. Once complete, she can restart her career. Can’t wait to see what her first move will be!

Happy Sunday FilmFunders!


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