The Mix-Up: Sequels, Second Seasons and Sucky Films

Blog By: Jaclyn Zepnick 

21 Jump Street Sequel Talks Already…

The movie version of Johnny Depp’s hit ‘80s TV-show hasn’t even come out yet—March 16th—and talk of a sequel is already in the works! Star Jonah Hill let the buzz slip at the Oscars on Sunday that 21 Jump Street 2 is already hatching in the brain of screenwriter Michael Bacall.

Bacall – who made you laugh in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World – says “All I can really say is that I’m working on it. I met with Jonah, Channing [Tatum] and all the producers and executives and yeah, we’re looking to get it going as quickly as possible. I’m about to start the draft.”

Bacall teased us that the film will have lots of surprise cameos (Johnny Depp?) and the sequel will have even more. He said that both Jonah and Channing have really great ideas about what their characters could do in the sequel. We just can’t wait to see the first!

Don’t know if they’ll be able to top the above do and style.
New Game of Thrones Season 2 Trailer is Baller…

The epic series Game of Thrones Season 2 comes out on April 1st and no joke, the new trailer will give you the chills. Set to Florence + the Machine’s “Seven Devils,” the trailer gives sneak flashes of some of the most exciting scenes fans are looking forward to. HBO rarely fails and by the looks of this ninety second tease, it’s safe to say Season 2 won’t be a letdown.

Some of the key points that will flash before your eager eyes:

The Battle of Blackwater—which looks like an intense mass of black and fire and death.

Jon Snow and his crew meandering over the icy landscapes North of the Wall—part of Season 2 was filmed in Iceland… Legit, no green screens here!

Tyrion Lannister telling his Queen sister with confident style, “I will hurt you for this. The day will come when your joy will turn to ashes and you’ll know the debt is paid.” Heck yes! You go Tyrion, she’s been needing a good b*tch slap since Episode 1, Season 1.

Concluding with little girl (or boy) Arya Stark saying, “Anyone can be killed.”

Oh shoot. Who will die a fiery death this season? We must wait to find out. The anticipation!

Check out the trailer below…

This Weekend at the Box Office….

The Lorax took number 1 with $70.7 mill. Wow. The 3D Dr. Seuss adaptation is the first animated film to hit theatres this year that wasn’t a re-release like Beauty and the Beast 3D or a foreign re-make like Japan’s The Secret World of Arrietty. It’s the third highest opening for a movie released in March and definitely exceeded studio expectations. But as viewers seem to love it, critics aren’t too hip to the environmentally-friendly animated film; It’s a green tomato on Rotten Tomatoes with 56%.

Coming in second was Project X with $20.8 mill. It’s from writer Michael Bacall (21 Jump Street) and is a “comedy thriller” about a party gone out of control; No wonder it’s the same producer from The Hangover. But no matter how comedic and thrilling, Project X has a mere 30% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Taking 3rd this weekend was Act of Valor with $13.7 mill. Not starring any familiar faces and only 29% on Rotten….man these movies don’t seem so great, is this really all that’s out in theatres? For the sake of humanity, get on FilmFunds and submit some decent scripts folks!




One comment on “The Mix-Up: Sequels, Second Seasons and Sucky Films

  1. maudlin says:

    The Game of Thrones trailer looks so good!

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