The Mix-Up: Desperate Times, Obama Pitches a Movie, Premiers and Cancellations…

Blog By: Jessica Schellenbach

Desperate Times

The Nicollette Sheridan vs. Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry feud continues. Sheridan, has as mentioned before, sued Cherry for wrongful termination from the show. She claims that Cherry allegedly struck her at a rehearsal and after she complained about it killed off her character, Edie Britt. Cherry and his lawyers claim that the decision was made long before that incident and has notes to prove it. The notes were preparations for the 11th episode of season 5 and states, “body dumped in middle of street”. Cherry claims that this refers to Sheridan’s character. They also showed copies of notes written two days after that states, “husband kills Edie, dumps body on the lane”. Sheridan’s lawyer, Mark Baute stated outside the courtroom that those notes are only suggestions and ideas from the writers, not decisions.
On top of everything, Cherry also testifies that Sheridan was very unprofessional on set, including not knowing her lines and complained loudly about her dialogue in front of the writers, thereby insulting them. She also didn’t get along with cast members such as Teri Hatcher.
Cherry is going back to the stand this afternoon.


President Obama’s Movie Pitch

Harvey Weinstein from The Weinstein Co. got himself a surprise the other day when he received a book from President Obama telling him he should make it into a movie. Weinstein declined even though he is a big supporter of Obama and the Democratic party. Weinstein states that he sent an email back saying, “He was the most overqualified book scout I’ve ever had.” There are no comments about the pitch itself but apparently it was a spy novel. Now we know what the President likes to read!


John Carter Premieres

On Thursday night, Pixar director Andrew Stanton’s 3D movie John Carter will have its midnight premiere. The movie cost $250 million to make and if the surveys prove right, then it’s only going to open with a $25-30 million range. They hope it can be helped by oversees audiences since 3D does well in countries like Russia and Brazil. However it’s a big possibility that it will lose to no other than Universal and Illumination Entertainment’s Lorax which made $70.2 million last week over their opening weekend. This is the amount that John Carter has to make, minimum. This is going to be Stanton’s first live-action film but with his good standing with Disney, they let him take a big risk with the big budget and the fairly unknown cast. Taylor Kitsch stars as the civil war hero John Carter who transports to Mars where a civil war is on the horizon. The movie is based on the John Carter of Mars book series by Edgar Rice Burroughs.  We’ll have to see how the film does this weekend especially after Stanton’s recent comments to BBC Radio where he states that he tries to ignore what the budget of a film is: “I’ve never felt any gain to be worrying about numbers.” Hopefully after this weekend he can still feel that way.


All-American Muslim canceled

All-American Muslim, which ran on TLC, has been canceled due to low ratings. It started out pretty strong with their eight-episode season with 1.5 million viewers on Nov. 13 and ended with only 900,000 viewers on Dec. 18. The series followed the lives of five Arab-American families in Dearborn, Michigan. The series lost big retail advertisers like Lowe’s in December after customers complained that the show didn’t depict the Arab-Americans as extremists. Lowe’s decision did catch some uproar but didn’t back down on their decision. They did receive a letter from the California State Senator Ted Lieu which said that their decision was “un-American” and “naked religious bigotry.” He also threatened them with legislative actions if they did not apologize to the Muslim community and continued with their ads. Even through all this, cast member Suehaila Amen told the Free Press that she was grateful for being able to be a part of the show and she also said, “Our show helped pave the way for the moderate Muslim voice to be heard in this nation.”



One comment on “The Mix-Up: Desperate Times, Obama Pitches a Movie, Premiers and Cancellations…

  1. I don’t get it. Lowe’s stopped sponsoring the show because it DIDN’T depict the Arab-Americans as extremists?

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