The Mix-Up: Skins Gets Canceled, Keri Russel Joins “The Americans” and more…

Blog By: Armando Tinoco

Skins Series 6

Skins gets canceled
If you were a fan of Skins UK, make sure to enjoy the last couple episodes because Channel 4 has just announced that it will not commission a new series after this one wraps up. Ratings are what pushed the executives to pull the plug on the show as it has lost more than half of its audience from the previous season. Season 6 of Skins currently airs in America through Hulu, a couple weeks behind the UK air date. There are plans to produce 3 specials next year to wrap up the series, but they also said they were planning a movie and we’re still waiting on that. Let’s not hold our breath until we actually see things happening.

Keri Russell

Keri Russell joins “The Americans”
Today FX announced that it has signed Keri Russell to star in their period spy drama The Americans. The show is set during the 1980s in Washington D.C. during the Cold War era. It focuses on two KGB spies posing as Americans in the suburbs. The FX original is in its pilot stage; If it gets ordered to series, this would be Keri Russell’s comeback to television since that awful comedy Running Wilde on Fox last year.

Figure It Out: Lori Beth Denberg

Nickelodeon “Figures It Out”
The slime network has seem to finally take notice that the old shows were better. Nickelodeon is going back to their glory days and relaunch Figure It Out, a popular game show that showcased kids and their weird talents. The basis of the show was to have a group of celebrities “figure out” what talent the kids had giving them three clues in three different rounds. During each round if they stumped the panel, they would win a prize. The first-round prize always had a piece of Nickelodeon memorabilia from the different Nick shows they produced. For all the kids that grew up in the 90s, this show will definitely bring back some fond memories, because “The 90s were really All That.”

Smash on NBC

Smash becoming a “Smash”
After a great premiere due to heavy promotion during the Super Bowl, Smash, obviously, declined in ratings. We all thought it was going downhill from there and that this show was doomed. Fortunately, the show has been getting a lot of buzz from people watching it and a great lead-in from The Voice, that it has rebounded and a ratings reversal trend has given it hope. NBC has struggled to score a hit show and placed a lot of hope on Smash. Let’s hope it does become a real “smash” and have it come to Broadway. Can you imagine actually producing a Marilyn musical based on the TV show? That would be AH-MAH-ZING! Now we can go on loving to hate the show and being annoyed by the gay non-gay assistant.


One comment on “The Mix-Up: Skins Gets Canceled, Keri Russel Joins “The Americans” and more…

  1. That assistant is incredibly annoying. So is Ivy, but she’s also a great talent. I love to hate her.

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