The Mix-Up: Cannes and Disney’s Highs and Lows

Blog By: Jaclyn Zepnick

Cannes Opening Film Announced (drum roll please)….

Wes Anderson’s new film Moonrise Kingdom will kick off the 65th Cannes Film Festival on May 16. The film stars Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Edward Norton and Tilda Swinton. This is the second year in a row an American-directed film will open the festival.

“Wes Anderson is one of the rising powers of American cinema, to which he brings a highly personal touch, particularly in Moonrise Kingdom, which once again is a testimony to the creative freedom in which he continues to evolve,” said Cannes artistic director Thierry Fremaux. “Sensitive and independent, this admirer of Fellini and Renoir is also in his own right a brilliant and inventive filmmaker.”

Moonrise Kingdom is about young love, escape and adventure….the three ingredients for a feel-good movie.

Hopefully Anderson delivers and doesn’t put the audience to sleep like 2009’s opening Cannes film did….(cough cough) Robin Hood.

For those of us not attending the festival in the French Riviera, we have to wait until May 25 for Moonrise Kingdom to hit theatres in the U.S.

John Carter Disappoints at the Box Office…

Disney’s John Carter opened to a weak $9.8 million on Friday, anticipating only $27 million total for the weekend.

And even more disappointing – the fact that the audience being lured in to watch Carter are largely males between the ages of 25 and 50. The film was banking on lots of younger boys to get excited about the action adventure set on the planet Mars.

The first 3D film of the year, Carter cost $250 million to produce! Wow, good luck making that money back Disney (well they usually do in churro sales alone).

On the other hand, Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax is expected to make $40 million this weekend and take number one again.

On a brighter Disney note…

Maleficent, Disney’s new take on Sleeping Beauty is rumored to sign on Elle Fanning as the beautiful Princess Aurora. The film starts shooting in June and the fair princess hasn’t been locked down yet, but for years now Angelina Jolie has been set on playing the evil-horned Maleficent herself.

Elle Fanning and Angelina Jolie in a creepy twisted Sleeping Beauty remake? I think it sounds like a hit, but don’t get too excited, these works are just in the talks. Wonder who will play the handsome prince?

Friends With Kids

From Southern California to where ever YOU are…Happy Sunny Saturday FilmFunders!


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