The Mix-Up: Love, Sundance And More…

Love Is In The Air

Matt Bellamy,singer from Muse got his princess. According to her mother, Goldie HawnKate Hudson and Bellamy are now married. Together they have a son named Bing. Bellamy is not the first rock star she’s been married to. Kate was married to  Chris Robinson from the Black Crowes for 7 years and together they have a son named Ryder.

Big Winners At SXSW

Welsh actor Aneurin Barnard is one of the big winners at SXSW this year. He earned head nods for his performance in the film Hunky Dory and for Citadel.

He stars against fellow actor Minnie Driver in Hunky Dory, a high school pop musical set in the 70s. Citadel is the Midnighters audience awards winner andHunky Dory is getting some attention from distributors such as Sony Pictures Classics.

Box Office Fall

After their grossing of $13.1 million on Friday, 21 Jump Street have pulled in $35 million over the weekend, making them the top one movie on the list. Even so, they couldn’t help the box office as it went down 6 percent compared to last year, on the same weekend. That makes this weekend the first in 2012 that did not beat the numbers from  2011.

Sundance Cinema

According to an article on, more independent films will be viewed in the Sundance Cinemas screening rooms. Sundance Cinemas at Houston’s Bayou Place has already started their screening room calendar which is a program that will screen independent films on a schedule that will be refreshed every 8 weeks. This has already been done in theaters in San Fransisco and Madison, WIS with success. The films are going to be a collection of the best independent films picked up from both national and international film festivals. They’ve all been selected by film buyer Jan Klinglehoefer and the Sundance Programming Team.Nancy Klasky Gribler, Sundance Cinemas vice president tells CultureMap that they are really trying to highlight the theater’s roots in independent film.


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