The Mix-Up: Trailer Exclusives! Creepy Snow White, Retro Vampires and Hunger Games’ Absent Fights

Blog By: Jaclyn Zepnick 
You’re in for a treat this Monday dear FilmFunders: New Trailers Galore!

1. Snow White and the Huntsmen….

The dark trailer debuts today for the classic Disney remake. Starring Charlize Theron as the Wicked Stepmother and Kristen Stewart as the fair Snow White. The trailer is dark and full of evil, great way to start off the week.

It’s Rupert Sanders directorial debut and from what the trailer reveals, it seems like he will not disappoint. Stewart looks flawless with red lips and dark hair while Charlize fits the evil role to perfection. There’s even a shape-shifting mirror!

Sanders said he tried to avoid CGI and put a darker spin on the fairytale…

“I went back to those symbols, like the drops of blood, the mirror, the sense of loss, the sense of jealousy, the poison apple, the kiss of a love, and all of those things are in there. And to me, you have to go back to that source material because that’s what people want to see – and you have to tell it in a way that feels right for your tastes,” the director said. “I didn’t sit down and go well, what would people want to see.’ I thought, what would be a cool mirror man, and how would that work? How would the character learn from it and how would we learn about the character through those interactions with the mirror?”

Snow White hits theatres June 1, but until then, check out the trailer below!

2. Dark Shadows

Tim Burton’s latest film venture comes out May 11 and stars none other than his favorite male lead, Johnny Depp. Based on the cult classic ‘70s television show which aired on ABC from 1966 to 1971, the film is a straight up comedy. No seriousness here for Burton. It’s also filled with all that good ‘70s music.

Written by Dan Curtis, who wrote Dracula (1973), the movie has an awesome ensemble cast with Helena Bonham Carter, Michelle Pfeiffer and Chloe Grace Moretz.

Seems very Addams Family-esque…but with vampires.

According to MTV, Tim Burton has opted “for gonzo comedy that should please many, but may rile, fans of the original soap opera.”

What do you think about Burton’s newest film? Will it be good or a total flop? Watch it below!

3. Hunger Games

The highly anticipated film breaks into theatres this Friday, so let’s give you your daily Hunger Games fix. We’ve been blogging about this film in the previous weeks (updates, news and red carpet coverage) but we’ve never given you the official trailer, so here it is in all its glory…

Notice how there is no fight scene footage whatsoever in the trailer. This is a clever marketing scheme on Lionsgate’s part. By keeping the fight footage absent, it makes the viewer want more! Give us more by gosh! Show us Katniss fighting to the death. This less-is-more strategy is working so well, Hunger Games is expected to have an opening weekend of over $100,000 million. You go Jennifer Lawrence, but don’t let the fame get to your head!

Click HERE to read The LA Times’ article on 21-year-old Miss Lawrence and how she plans to handle super stardom after the film’s release. Here she is at last year’s Oscars…nominated for Winter’s Bone. The second youngest female to be nominated for Best Actress.

We leave you today with big Happy Birthday shout-outs to Mr. Bruce Willis and Mr. Harvey Weinstein. Celebrate responsibly boys!


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