The Mix-Up: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Becomes Bruce Willis, Desperate Housewives Trial Makes Nicolette Look Anything But and SNL Locks Down New Guests

Blog By: Jaclyn Zepnick 

Joseph Turns Into Bruce In Looper

That’s right, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s newest film has him playing a young version of action star Bruce Willis.

But is it believable?

Apparently, Levitt endured 3 hours of make-up a day to transform into a man who could one day grow up to be Willis. Additionally, Levitt studied all of Willis’ films, especially Sin City, to watch for all his little quirks and key movements. Judging by the pictures, Levitt’s in-depth study of Bruce payed off. He’s got that Willis mouth thing down pat.

Joseph is pretty pumped on playing his idol, telling MTV News:

“Bruce is awesome, I’ve looked up to that guy ever since I was a little kid, everybody did. He’s such a good actor, we ran the gamut, some of the stuff we did was full on action, and then I’m like, ‘Holy goddamn s—, I’m doing an action scene with Bruce Willis!’ But then a lot of the stuff we did was like really, really smart, great Rian Johnson dialogue that makes me think of Pulp Fiction.”

Rian Johnson’s the director, you know him from Brick and The Brothers Bloom. Looper hits theatres in September.

Desperate Trial Ends In Mistrial…

After two long weeks Nicolette Sheridan’s lawsuit against ABC ended in mistrial yesterday. This means the Desperate Housewives star won’t be getting that $5.7 million she sought after, but her attorney claims, “She got her message out.”

The jury seemed to sympathize with Sheridan but said the case came down to credibility of the witnesses. If you need a refresher, Sheridan took ABC to court after she claimed to be hit by Executive Producer Marc Cherry and said she was fired because of her complaints.

Regardless Sheridan comes off looking anything but desperate; She looks like a strong woman who is willing to take charge against a large corporation.

SNL Fans Mark Your Calendars!

Josh Brolin is set to host Saturday Night Live on April 14 along with musical guest Gotye! Brolin’s been in such greats as Milk, No Country For Old Men and most recently True Grit.

Wonder if Josh can top the buzz that Lindsay Lohan made a few weeks ago? Doubtful… Lindsay is just too hot right now.

Besides Lindsay, other hosts this season have been Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Zooey Deschanel, Emma Stone, Jimmy Fallon and Jason Segel… Who do YOU think has been the best SNL host thus far?

Enjoy a taco, it’s Tuesday FilmFunders!


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