The Mix-Up: Hunger Games Madness, Mad Men and James Cameron Mad About the Ocean…

Blog By: Jaclyn Zepnick

Reporting to you from a rainy Los Angeles-based couch…it’s Sunday FilmFunders and here’s what’s happening in the wonderful world of Hollywood…

Hunger Games Still the Talk of the Town…

With a record breaking opening—one of the best of all time in the U.S.—now the real question comes: will it last?

Movies based on books, like Harry Potter and Twilight, usually have gigantic openings then fall off the radar after the first few weekends. But that might not be the case with Hunger. It’s already ahead of the game. Twilight never hit above $300 million domestically and the final Harry film did by a little ($381 million).

Hunger is expected to make over $400 million, based on the fact that its fan base ranges from tweens to adults alike who may be repeat movie-goers.

Lionsgate only shelled out $80 million for the film and is reaping the rewards. Here’s what David Spitz, Lionsgate Executive President of Distribution had to say:

“Based on the trajectory of the weekend, we are going to have an unbelievable hold. This film is going to play and play.”

Did you get a chance to ride the Games this weekend? What did you think…will you go see it again? Good as Suzanne Collins’ book?

Mad Men is Back!…

After 17 months off air the AMC television show is back with a 2 hour premiere that airs tonight at 9 p.m.

Creator Matthew Weiner has been working furiously to keep the secrets hidden, revealing nothing about the upcoming season. Oh the anticipation! After reading reviews, here’s the only conclusions I can draw: Don Draper is old and the 60’s are changing. That’s the main word of the show: Change.

Set in 1966, iIt’s now Season 5 and Don’s 40. Rather than focus on mainly political and social changes of the 60’s, Weiner decides to focus on the characters and their constant need for self-satisfaction.

Weiner says selfishness will play a key component, “When the world seems to be shifting dramatically around you, the human impulse is to look out for yourself.”

Uh oh. Will Don block off all ties with family and friends? Will he ever find his true self? We must wait until tonight to find out.

James Cameron Dives Deep…

Famous director James Cameron has gone where no man has gone before! Well only 2 before him have…Cameron is now the third person in the world to reach the Earth’s deepest point.

Now holding the record for the deepest solo submarine dive, Cameron dove 7 miles down to the bottom of the Marina Trench, 200 miles off the the Pacific Island of Guam.

He tweeted, “Just arrived at the ocean’s deepest point. Can’t wait to share what I’m seeing with you.”

Wow, you can tweet from way down there?

While he was a little nervous beforehand, he says, “When you are actually on the dive you have to trust the engineering was done right.”

Cameron has been an oceanography lover since he was a kid and has made 72 deep sea dives, including many trips to the Titanic graveyard—-and as we all know the subject of one of his best films ever.


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