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Blog By: Jessica Schellenbach


Futurestates At Tribeca Film Festival

This is a great opportunity if you are going to be in the New York area in April! For those who follow the series Futurestates, you can get a chance to see season 3 at a free screening at The Tribeca Film Festival. The screening will take place on Saturday, April 21 at 2PM. There will also be a Q&A after the screening with some of the filmmakers from season 3. Of the featured filmmakers is Tina Mabry who directed the short Crossover.
Futurestates is a collection of mini features and short narrative films. All the films are an interpretation of what could happen in the future if the global problems of today worsen.
For more information and how to RSVP for this event click HERE.





Do You Want To Be A Script Supervisor?

In an article on, script supervisor Tecia Esposito provides tips for those who want to have script supervisor as a career and how to work with a script supervisor as a director/producer working on a low-budget film. Esposito has quite a resume herself working on films such as The Future (Miranda July), Terri (Azazel Jacob) and The Surrogate (Ben Lewin).

 Here is some of her advice:
1. Give your script supervisor time to prepare.
A well-prepared script supervisor can make the difference of your film. Let them prepare, get to know the film, the script, let them know the story. They should be able to answer questions about pretty much anything while being on set. Esposito herself usually gets three to five days to prepare for a low-budget film and if it’s a much larger union production about two to three weeks.
2. Hire strong assistant directors.
Lack of communication on set is the biggest waste of time according to Esposito. If you hire an AD who is a good communicator, this could be a money saver for you.
3. Don’t make unrealistic schedules.
Tired and overworked crew and actors do not make your film better. Esposito says it’s ok to have a few long days, but try and spread them out.
4. Don’t be cheap on post.
Esposito has seen work be lost because of this. She says to make sure to get a good DIT (Digital Imaging Technician) if you are dealing with digital or in general just make sure you have a good system set up with good communication. She cannot stress that enough.
5. You are telling a story.
Lastly, you might feel stressed out over all the scheduling and budgeting, but the story needs to be told. Make sure to follow the direction of the director to help him succeed with the storytelling, even if it brings you out of your planned schedule.
Read More Here!



The Film Stanley Kubrick Hated

New Directors/New Films Festival is screening a movie called Fear and Desire. This movie was made by no other than Stanley Kubrick in 1953.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Kubrick disliked his own film so much that it was rumored that he tried to buy all the prints and remove the film from the public. This must be some movie!
The Program Director of The Film Society of Lincoln CenterRichard Pena, is the one who chose to screen this film stating, “Why not go back and take a film like this, which is so unknown [and made] by someone who turns out to be one of the great filmmakers?” Why not?
With a small crew, Kubrick climbed the beautiful San Gabriel Mountains in California where it was shot. The crew consisted of five cast members and his first wife as the script supervisor. The film is considered a student film where the cast plays soldiers trying to survive behind the enemy line.
The hatred for his own film was very clear in the actions of the late filmmaker. He pretty much spread the word that he had destroyed everything there was of the movie. This was not true of course and has been showed several times including at a weeklong engagement at the Manhattan’s Film Forum in 1994. Kubrick tried his best to get other filmmakers to make them stop showing the film, says Bruce Goldstein, Film Forum’s programmer.
Fear and Desire will be released on DVD in July so we’ll have to judge for ourselves.




Mad Men’s Creator Is Filming

The creator and producer of the popular TV show Mad Men is about to launch the filming of his debut directorial feature You Are HereMatthew Weiner has had a shaky start to get his project off the shelf but with the cast he has collected it will probably be a smooth ride from here. Already set to star are funny guys Owen Wilson and Zach Galifianakis, and they are also talking to Amy Poehler to possibly join the hilarious trio.
You Are Here is about a weatherman who depends more than he should on his best friend to live his life. When his friend inherits a company and land from his father, he is forced to handle his life himself.
Weiner is hopeful that filming can start as soon as April.


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