The Mix-Up: Harry Potter Tours, Babies And More…

Blog By: Jessica Schellenbach

At The Box Office

As predicted, The Hunger Games remains in the number one spot at the box office after movies such as Wrath of The Titans and Mirror Mirror premiered last night.
The Hunger Games opening weekend made an astonishing $152.2 million and brought in top dollars last night as well taking in just under $19 million.
Wrath of The Titans-3D opened up second after The Hunger Games earning $12.4 million last night including $ 1 million from Thursday’s midnight showing. Coming in third was Mirror Mirror which grossed 5.9 million. Weekend earnings from the two films are expected to be in the $30 million to $20 million range.

Harry Potter Studio Tour

For those of you who would do anything to see the real sets of Harry Potter, you’ll have to travel to London to do so. Just 20 miles outside London, you can experience a three-hour self-guided tour throughout the Making of Harry Potter behind-the-scenes tour at Warner Bros. Studios.  It takes you through sets, props and exhibits from the eight Harry Potter films. Re-creations of the sets from here were used at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter themed land atUniversal Studios Florida and it has been announced that a similar version will be built at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Mirror Mirror No No

Julia Roberts is playing the viscous queen Clementianna in the film Mirror Mirror. Being a mother of three she has expressed that she is not sure if she is going to let her kids see the movie as she thinks they are too young. Also she is not certain it would be a good idea to see her in a part where she pretty much torments pretty Snow White. Together with Danny Moder they have 7-year old twins, Hazel and Phinnaeus and 4-year-old Henry.

The Word In Connecticut

Stephen Grimaldi’s first movie, The Word, is in full speed filming in parts of Bridgeport, CT. Shooting started at the beginning of March and is expected to end in the beginning of April. Directed by Greg Friedle, the film also stars linebacker Chase Blackburn from the New York Giants, which caused some excitement at the filming location.

The Word is a thriller about a father who grieves the death of his son. The man struggles with the will of revenge and his faith. Grimaldi is very happy about the filming and production process. He is also thrilled with the fact that it’s almost done. Grimaldi is a business executive turned screenwriter after he decided he didn’t want to move his family around anymore. He says he came back after a long job assignment in Australia and just started writing. After it was done he decided to give his dream a chance and got in contact with producer Michael Goodin from Scarlet Sky ProductionsGrimaldi has invested about $200,000 in the movie and according to the Screen Actors Guild’s salary guidelines, this is considered an “ultra low budget” film. Even so, the film has contributed greatly to the surrounding community with the use of local businesses. He is hopeful to have a premiere there as well. When it’s complete he is going to submit it to festivals and distributors. We are going to have to wait and see where this dream project will go from here.


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