The Mix-Up: 3D Buzz and Box Office Recap…

Blog By: Jaclyn Zepnick 

5 Films That Should Be Converted to 3D…

With Titanic 3D set to open this Wednesday, it’s getting the buzz in Hollywood that 3D is the new form of film. Not all films are shot on 3D –– that can get super expensive –– so now the latest thing is converting. That’s what James Cameron did with Titanic. The entire conversion took one full year and cost $18 million!

3D is all about the experience –– seeing your favorite film in a different light. MTV made a list of their top 5 picks that should be experienced in 3D glory.

1. The Aliens and Predator Movies

2. District 9

3. Indiana Jones Trilogy

4. Mars Attack

5. The Matrix

Which films would you like to see converted to 3D?

Hunger Games Still A Contender At the Box Office…

The massive Hunger Games mania was still alive this weekend, coming in number one again with $65 million.

Runner up was Wrath of the Titans with $34 million. The Greek God based film stars Ralph Fiennes who plays Hades and Liam Neeson who plays Zeus.

Bringing in the rear at third was Julia Roberts’ in Mirror Mirror, the Snow White re-telling. Roberts plays the Wicked Stepmother and newcomer Lily Collins plays Snow White. The film is a 50 percent on Rotten and made $19 million at the box office.

That’s your weekend recap friends. Happy Beautiful Monday!



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