Today, In the Wonderful World Of Cinema…

Blog By: Caroline Wingard


Oliver Stone’s New Movie

Oliver Stone is coming out with a new movie and its release date is set for September 28. The movie, Savages, is an adaptation of Dan Winslow’s best selling novel, following two men who are fighting the Mexican drug cartel. Pot growers Ben (Aaron Johnson) and Chon (Taylor Kitsch) have to violently fight the Mexican drug cartel, who kidnapped their shared girlfriend, O (Blake Lively), as they are looking to move into their territory. Sounds like an interesting story! The movie is also stars Emile Hirsch, Uma Thurman, Salma Hayek, John Travolta and Benicio Del Toro. The trailer is only a few days away from being released, so we will not have to wait long!

Speaking of Blood…

If you are dying to make a horror movie, but don’t have a budget for all the awesome effects, wait no longer, we are here to help! compiled a list of horror effect tips that you can use for your own film and here are some of them:

1. Keep it simple
Sometimes less is more, and more often than not, it is better to keep the effects simple and to a minimum. Instead of using that huge, scary monster that you dream of every night, use a human antagonist. Monsters are indeed scary, but a hooded figure in the shadow can create even more mystery and creep out the audience.

2. Find an expert
If you still believe that more is more, and a monster is the way to go, the best way is to find someone who is already an expert within the field of horror. They will be full of great tips and tricks on how to get the most effect out of your low budget. You might have to pay them, or pray that they will help you for free because they are so passionate about what they do. Fingers crossed!

3. Get cheap props
You should start with making a list of all the props that you will need for your film in order to get organized before you start to hunt them down. Look around your house, work, school and ask all your crew members to do the same. You never know what can be hiding under your bed. If you still need props, search online, go to auctions, pawn shops etc. There are always ways to find cheap props if you just spend some time looking.

4. Use food
Time to get creative! Your kitchen is full of items that can be useful for your horror movies effects. For fake blood, simply mix corn syrup, chocolate syrup, and red food coloring. You can thicken it up with corn starch. You can also use raw meat, especially cheap trimmings for gore or organs and body parts.

5. Use Makeup
Ordinary cosmetics can be very useful. If you don’t own your own makeup, ask your girlfriends, your mother or even your grandmother. Red lipstick makes for a good infected cut, and rouge makes for good bruises. Vaseline can be added to make cuts look fresh or to give a bruise a good shine.

6. Use your computer
A lot of effects can be added in post production. Get a free video editing program, find someone with access to one, or see if there is a school computer you can use that has one. Add any effects that you could not afford to do using effects. If you are not computer savvy, grab your nerdy tech friends and ask them to help you.


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