Secret Films, Thrillers, Sundance And More…

Blog By: Jessica Schellenbach


Greta Gerwig’s Secret Film
Called the “indie darling” on Indiewire.comGreta Gerwig has directed and written her own film, which could hit festivals as soon as fall.

The film has no title yet and she also has not disclosed any information about it. Gerwig had her debut in Joe Swanberg’s LOL and has from there risen into a star-bound actress/writer/director. Climbing her way up from LOL, she has appeared in movies such as No Strings Attached (Ivan Reitman) and Arthur (Jason Winer). Next we can see her in an HBO pilot called The Corrections, in To Rome With Love by Woody Allen, and coming out this Friday is the film Damsels In Distress (Whit Stillman) where she plays the lead Violet.



Private Screening in Miami

Blue Nile Pictures is a independent film production company from Miami, Florida. The company announced Wednesday that its newest film, The Awakened, is finished and ready to be submitted to horror festivals, such as Screamfest and Shriekfest in Los Angeles (October).
Before this happens though, BNP is having a private screening on April 14 for the press, cast and crew. The Awakened is a supernatural thriller starring Jonathan “Legacy” Perez known from the popular show, So You Think You Can Dance, aired on FOX. It also features voiceover work from famous local talents like the radio personality from the showPaul and Young Ron Morning ShowPaul Castronovo.
Shot entirely in Miami, the film is about how to survive a hurricane. Being a supernatural thriller, a natural disaster is not going to be enough. As the friends in the film decide to host a so-called hurricane party, they get trapped inside their house with an evil spirit.



Paranormal Activities In Aurora

This blogger loves Halloween and to either host or go to an awesome Halloween party is my favorite thing to do. After reading about the Halloween party that Aurora, Illinois locals Bill and Donna Hageman host every year, I definitely want to go. Producer George Piccolo talks about his friends’ parties and his new independent film The Circle in an article in The Beacon News. Piccolo calls the Halloween parties the “event of the season” and says the Hagemans provide everything from life-size dolls to the ambiance of their Victorian house.

He therefore says that their house was his first and only choice when he was going to film an important séance scene in his film. As if the house’s look wasn’t enough, it also adds to the film knowing it has a history of paranormal activity. Also, Donna apparently hosts psychic readings there.
The film is about what happens when you mix the occult with partying. There were no special effects added to the film and the cast actually worked without a script, improvising their scenes.
Piccolo’s first film Resurrection Mary won awards at the Chicago Horror Film Festival. We’ll see if his new film can outbeat his first one.



Sundance All Over The World

Although The Sundance Film Festival is over, it is still going strong. Already bringing film titles to China — Another EarthBeginnersOn The IceSomewhere BetweenBuck andUnfinished Spaces — the newly started Sundance London has just begun its yearlong tour. The institutes so-called “FILM FORWARD” initiative just returned home from Beijing and Kunming where they provided workshops for Chinese artists, filmmakers, students and film education facilities. Other locations planned for the tour will be Puerto Rico, Colombia and Morocco.


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