The Mix-Up: Robert Pattinson’s Hot New Movie Trailer, Katy Perry Goes 3D and more…

Blog By: Armando Tinoco

Bel Ami: Robert Pattinson

Full Bel Ami Trailer starring Robert Pattinson
Robert Pattinson is getting a head start on staying relevant after the Twilight movie series ends. Robert’s new movie Bel Ami has gotten U.S. distribution and we will be able to see him in this frisky new role set in 1890s Paris. The girls he is paired up with are Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas and Christina Ricci. View the full Bel Ami trailer here…

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest Will Host The Olympics
What is Ryan Seacrest’s next item on his to-do list? Probably take over the world. That is most likely going to take some time, but for now he is going to settle for helping host the Summer Olympics for NBC. Ryan made that announcement Wednesday on the Today show, where he also took some time to clarify rumors to Matt Lauer about taking over the morning show. Seacrest told Lauer about taking over Today, “I don’t know. I see you doing this for as long as you want to.” Lauer added that Seacrest “would be great at this job… There is no tension here.” Ryan also mentioned that he will continue as host of American Idol, but his contract does expire at the end of this season.

Katy Perry: Part of Me

Katy Perry: Part Of Me Trailer
We all want to be “part of” Katy Perry! Or maybe that is just me imagining myself in a Candy Land-like world with bright colored wigs and whipped cream everywhere. The good thing is that we will have the opportunity to be part of this world in Katy Perry’s Part of Me concert movie in 3D. You can see the trailer here…

To Rome With Love

To Rome With Love Trailer
Woody Allen goes from “Paris” to “Rome.” His new film is titled To Rome With Love and will be released in the U.S. on June 22. The film has an incredible cast: Woody Allen, Alec Baldwin, Roberto Benigni, Penelope Cruz, Judy David, Jesse Eisenberg, Greta Gerwig and Ellen Page. With an ensemble like that, the movie is already a must see. Will you watch?


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