The Mix-Up: Taylor Lautner “Grows Up,” “Savages” Trailer and more…

Blog By: Armando Tinoco

Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner is all “Grown Up”
After disappointing at the box office with Abduction, Taylor Lautner has been cautious about his next project. Apparently showing his abs is just not enough after the Twilight saga ends. The wolfman is playing it safe and is in talks to appear in the sequel to Grown Ups according to The Hollywood Reporter. The movie will reunite Adam Sandler, Kevin James and the rest of the cast of the comedy hit. Maybe the producers realized those guys with their shirts off are not easy on the eyes like Taylor Lautner might be.

The Hunger Games District 12

District 12 For Sale
The Hunger Games book is iffy on where exactly District 12 is, but some avid fans of the movie found out where they shot those scenes and have inundated the small town. District 12 is actually a small abandoned town in North Carolina called Henry River Mill Village. The 83 year-old current owner Wade Shepherd — overwhelmed by all the traffic — has put the town on sale. So if you were one of the lucky Mega Million winners or have $1.4 million to spare, you can buy District 12. The land is 72 acres and if you’re savvy enough you can probably make it an amusement park or something — “May the odds be ever in your favor.”

Captain America

Save The Date: Captain America 2, April 2014
The adventures for Captain America will continue in April 2014. The film may not have a director attached to the Marvel comic superhero movie, but it has now reserved a date in the calendar. That same year, another Marvel movie will be released, which the studio has yet to confirm. Captain America is part of the much-anticipated The Avengers, slated for release May 4. The sequels to Iron Man and Thor are both coming in 2013. What a happy day for comic book fans!

Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live Cast Shakeup
With their movie careers soaring, Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg and Jason Sudeikis might be on their way out of Saturday Night Live. This Saturday they will be introducing a new cast member to try them out, but if we believe the US Weekly report, we might be down three comedians by season’s end. Kristen is an Oscar-nominated writer coming off the huge success of Bridesmaids and has a couple features in the works; Andy Samberg is in the upcoming That’s My Boy and Jesse and Celeste Forever; and Jason Sudeikis is in the Will Ferrell comedy The Campaign. It might be their time to leave, but they are just so good we don’t want them to. *Sad Panda*

Bravo Logo

Bravo Goes Scripted and Celebrates “22 Birthdays”
A pilot that was discarded years ago on NBC has now resurfaced on Bravo (which is owned by NBCUniversal). The title of the show is 22 Birthdays and it “focuses on the sordid and scandalous activities of a group of parents at an exclusive private school, with each episode centered around an extravagant and lavish birthday party,” according to the Bravo press release. The show is an attempt from the cable channel to move away from reality programming, which is great news! How many “real” housewives can we have?

Oliver Stone’s Savages Trailer
We finally have the Savages Trailer and it looks amazing! Take a look at it here…


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