The Mix-Up: Tribeca Online Film Festival lineup and more…

Blog By: Elaine Sandoval

Tribeca Online Film Festival reveals its 2012 lineup

The Tribeca Film Festival is almost here — running from April 18-29 in New York. For those of you who won’t be at the festival, you can keep up with the movies featured during the Tribeca Online Film Festival. Here’s the lineup, including feature films as well as shorts:

Feature Films at TOFF

– Babygirl, written and directed by Macdara Vallely, shows the life of a young teen and how she is forced to accept her mother’s boyfriend who finds himself attracted to her. The teen, Lucy finds a way to expose her mother’s boyfriend but is unsuccessful.

– On The Mat, written and directed by Fredric Golding, follows a high school wrestling team as it overcomes many obstacles while trying to maintain its school’s legacy.

– The Russian Winter, written and directed by Petter Ringbom, is a film about a Russian musician in a federal prison. He is granted an opportunity to show the world that through the use of music, his voice was heard as well as his talent.

– Town of Runner, written and directed by Jerry Rothwell, follows the lives of two young track teens as they discover the challenges of growing up while aiming for success in their nation.

Short Films at TOFF

– BFF, written and directed by Neil LaBute, is a film about two best friends, Jack and Jill, who help each other as Jill suspects her boyfriend cheats on her.

– CatCam, directed by Seth Keal, shows a German engineer who develops a CatCam that allows him to track down his pet.

– Scenes From a Visit to Japan, directed and written by Joel Schlemowitz, shows a struggle between humanity as they experience apocalyptic visions from the past and discover the power of the human spirit.

– Directed and written by Zak Hilditch, Transmission follows a father who is forced to send his nine year-old daughter out of Australia and into a safe zone after a deadly virus has wiped out almost all of its population.

– Doggy Bags, written and directed by Edward Burns. A man insists his girlfriend is keeping a secret from him after continuously buying large amounts of food.

Also streaming online — Universal Studios 100th Anniversary Celebration with Robert De Niro, Meryl Streep, and Judd Apatow; the TFF Awards Night; and the Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards.

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Coming soon to theatres near you!

Directed by Julie Gavras, Late Bloomers features Isabella Rossellini and William Hurt in a romantic comedy showing the lives of an elderly couple as they realize they are slowly growing old. Trying almost everything to keep mother nature from “taking its toll,” Rossellini and Hurt steer themselves from each other, but manage to realize that maybe growing old isn’t too bad…
You can check out the romantic comedy April 13 in theatres near you.


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