Jaden Smith’s Next Big Project — Maybe

Here’s a project worth keeping an eye on:

Jaden Smith in “The Karate Kid”

Variety is reporting that Sony is working on a deal to acquire movie rights to the novel Boy Nobody — and that the studio wants Jaden Smith to star as a teen-aged assassin who has been subjected to Bourne-style brainwashing.

There’s a whole lot of early going on with this movie. Publisher Little, Brown isn’t releasing Allen Zadoff’s novel until next spring. There’s no script, no director and still, no deal.

But Jaden Smith is doing more and better work lately. He was terrific in The Day the Earth Stood Still, and showed some solid chops (chops!) in The Karate Kid. And of course his father, Will Smith, is an important guy around the Sony lot.

Plus, the young adult novel is the first of what Zadoff plans as a trilogy. And young adult trilogies featuring tough yet sensitive young people are doing pretty well right now.


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