Kelly Oxford Sells Comedy Spec to Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. picked up a comedy spec script, Son of a Bitch, from writer Kelly Oxford.  The deal for the comedy  – pitched as tonally similar to Bridesmaids, centering on a young stoner who gets pregnant but tries to keep up her bad party girl image – was in the low to mid six figure range.  That’s a pretty great deal for Oxford, who makes her feature debut with this script.  She’s sold pilots before, and is best known for her Twitter feed, which, as Deadline reports, was named in the top 140 feeds in Time Magazine’s 2011 and 2012 rankings.

Some noteable tweets:

kellyoxfordkelly oxford @kellyoxford7d

3yr old just told me she and her best friend own the color pink. She is so full of shit.

A great relationship is when you notice your guy has just outfarted a giant fart from 2yrs ago and all you think is ‘Oh my god he did it!!!

If Drake asks you out on a date, and he shows up as Wheelchair Jimmy, you know you’re the one.

The world won’t change until there’s a tampon commercial where the girls are all curled up on couches and angrily drinking wine.

I never feel more alone than when I’m on a toilet and realize there is no toilet paper.

Totally see the Bridesmaids comparisons, and if the script is as snappy as her tweets, I’d say we’re in for a treat.  What do you think – does this sound like the sort of original material you’d like to see studios pick up?

– Cindy Kaplan


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