What Movie Will You See This Week?

There are four wide releases hitting theaters this weekend, and they’re all pretty diverse. There’s romcom The Five Year Engagement starring Jason Segel and Emily Blunt, The Raven, based on the life of horror writer Edgar Allan Poe starring John Cusak, actioner SAFE starring Jason Statham, and animated family comedy The Pirates! Band of Misfits.

The Raven is leading the pack according to NRG’s box office tracking data, but not by much. 66% of audiences are aware of the film, and 32% want to see it. 5% list it as their first choice for the weekend. The Five Year Engagement isn’t far behind. 67% of moviegoers are aware of the movie, and 27% are definitely interested in seeing it. 4% list it as their first choice, though that number skews higher – to 7% – among younger women.

Meanwhile, Safe and Pirates! are likely flops. The Jason Statham starrer has 44% total awareness, 33% definite interest, but only 2% first choice – including no tracking among younger women in that category. Pirates! is at 56% awareness, 19% definite interest, and only 1% first choice.


Check out the trailers for all four films below. What do you think you’ll see this weekend?

– Cindy Kaplan


2 comments on “What Movie Will You See This Week?

  1. I’m in Mexico and we’re getting The Avengers this Friday. Obviously, I’m watching that!

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