Christina Ricci Going Blue

Christina Ricci is about to go blue.

Christina Ricci wears Smurf blue -- as a Pan Am flight attendant

The Sleepy Hollow and Monster star has joined the cast of the sequel to Sony’s 2011 hit The Smurfs, The Hollywood Reporter’s Borys Kit is reporting.

Don’t expect Ricci to play some chumpy Smurfette. In the next Surfs go-round, she’s the evil Vexi.

Raja Gosnell directed last year’s Smurfs, and will be back for the sequel, to be released July 31, 2013. Much of the original cast is expected to return, as well.

Hank Azaria, Neil Patrick Harris, and Sofia Vergara starred in The Smurfs, which took in $564 million worldwide.

Ricci starred in ABC’s Pan Am, an attempt, along with NBC’s The Playboy Club, to exploit the ethusiasm for the 1960s that Mad Men created.

The show also gave Ricci a chance to dress all in blue. Like a Smurf.

– Joshua L. Weinstein


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