Todd Phillips’ Next Project Finds Writers…in the Duplass Brothers

There’s this conventional wisdom around town that says if you want to be a bigwig writer or director someday, make your own no-budget indie movie, and you’ll eventually get noticed for bigger fare.

The thing about conventional wisdom is that it’s not always true. There are a ton of indie movies showing at and entering festivals all around the world, and only a handful of breakout talent. But the Duplass brothers? Definitely in the breakout talent category.

Mike Fleming, at Deadline, reports that the duo has been hired to write the script for Todd Phillips’ upcoming comedy Mule. Phillips is best known for The Hangover and has become one of the hottest comedy directors in town. The Duplass brothers have yet to score as big as The Hangover, but their latest, Jeff Who Lives at Home was well received by critics, as were the rest of their films, most notably their debut, 2006’s The Puffy Chair and 2009’sCyrus.

This is the first studio movie for the brothers, who typically write and direct together, and in Mark’s case, act, too. Will their studio directorial debut be next? Only time will tell. But what is clear is that hard work, perseverance, and talent will eventually get you where you want to go in Hollywood. Well, at least sometimes.

– Cindy Kaplan


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