Necropia and Angryfilms Option Writer Adam Robitel’s ‘The Bloody Benders’

Necropia Entertainment — Guillermo del Toro’s company — and Angryfilms are optioning The Bloody Benders, a creepy spec script by the talented writer Adam Robitel.

Deadline’s Mike Fleming first reported the news.

del Toro and Angryfilms’ Susan Montford and Don Murphy have chosen a good one:

Adam Robitel

Robitel is an up-and-coming writer who is especially adept with dark material. And The Bloody Benders counts as dark: It’s based on the true story of John and Kate Bender and their children — ready for this? — also John and Kate Bender.

That’s just weird. It gets creepy. The Benders were serial killers who, from 1871 to 1873, owned a general store and inn in Kansas. The older Benders spoke very little English, and Kate Sr. was renowned for her meanness.

Kate the younger was renowned for … something else. She was a psychic, a free-love advocate and a self-proclaimed healer.

Oh yeah, they all liked to kill guests of the inn by smacking them on the skull with a hammer, then slitting their throats.

Keep an eye on Robitel, who has a pocketful of other scripts in the works.

– Joshua L. Weinstein


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