Sony Buys Action-Comedy Spec From Newbie Writers

Yesterday, we reported that development executive Christopher Cosmos sold his first spec. Today, Deadline writes that a duo of first-time screenwriters with industry jobs sold their spec El Tigre to Sony, further proof that working in Hollywood is a good way to start as a filmmaker.

Writer Aaron Buchsbaum works for "Night at the Museum" director

Aaron Buchsbaum, who works for director Shawn Levy (The Night at the Museum and about a hundred other family comedies), and Teddy Riley, who works for Justin Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, wrote the action comedy about a family vacation that takes a turn for the zany when the dad is mistaken for a Mexican drug lord.

Writer Teddy Riley works for Justin Bieber's manager

It sounds like a pretty high concept script, and we’d wager that Buchsbaum’s experience with Levy lends him an understanding of the material that most first time writers don’t have. But that remains to be seen if and when the movie is released.

Would you want to see this in theaters? What’s your favorite zany family vacation movie?

– Cindy Kaplan


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